Well, I enjoyed it anyhow

Havent really watched the pro bowl much since Flutie was in it, but today I watched the whole thing, mainly because Doug was in the booth. It was a really fun game to watch.

Drew Brees kicks a drop kick convert as he was taught to do by Doug Flutie. Just plain fun

Highest scoring pro bowl with some pretty great catches and runs. Just plain fun

I love all football based sports. Different leagues, different rules, different levels, different types. Its all good.

What about rugby? I watched what I could of the 2011 Rugby World Cup and mostly enjoyed it, maybe even a little bit more than watching NA football.

2004; NFC 55 -52 over the AFC

missed it by that much.

thought they said highest, guess they said one of the highest.

for me, it is the least enjoyable of the related games but I can still enjoy watching it sometimes. Scrums and throw ins are a little oh hum. I played some in high school. Positioned as far from the scrums as possible.