Well here we go again

as usual, I am left all alone to close the joint down for the night.

turn out the lights
pull down the window shades
turn the open sign to closed
lock the door
start that long lonely walk home.

ahh welll, somebody has to do it

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reminds me of a poem I wrote about 50 yrs ago.

Can only remember the first verse.

When I go walking on a dark windy night
In my momentary freedom I find great delight
Of myself these questions I ask
Who and I and what is my task

It hurts, it hurts, it really hurts
The longer, the more, the deeper
How I wish I could gather love
With skill of a harvest reaper.

ok, second one just came to me.

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/Strums Virtual Guitar

Here are a few lines from some songs I wrote or helped to write to help you and other wailing souls out there in these times. I wrote these after my first break-up with my ex-lady in 2008, and well, I don't even like country music so that's how bad it was in those days in the last recession.

For what it's worth I was with that lady off and on for 10 years too. I think I will end up writing songs the rest of my life after that relationship. It's only recently, after almost 2 rocky years of communications, that I figured that door was closed for good mind you.

Well here we are again and there will be more such songs coming I figure.

Mountain Snow ...
Valley Rain ...
Gimme Some Whiskyyyyy...
Ease the Painnn...

This is the refrain of an actual song "Mountain Snow, Valley Rain," with the title written by a friend in Tennessee, the refrain by me here in Greater Philadelphia, and the rest by a band in Indiana that has it still in its stash before pending performance and release)

"That's What You Got"

Well it ain' very much
And it ain' a lot
You best take what you can get
(drums: buh dum buh dum bum)
Cuz that's what you got ...that's what you got...

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Bah humbug again too then

is very interesting. You sir seem to be a multi faceted specimen :slight_smile:

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so, what are we humbugging now?

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Awww horsepucky!