Well here to next year TICATS

Well the older Ticats will remember the Grey Cup in Toronto stolen from them with a field goal in the last minute. So hats off to the Green and White that stole it from us(TICATS) Now they know how it feels. Have a get safe Holiday Season. So now lets look ahead to 2010. GO TICATS GO!

Don't know about that one. Please expand........

Simple, in 1989 the cats played the riders to a 40-40 tie with about a minute left in their Grey cup match up in Toronto. Sask. managed to score a field goal on the last play to win that game. What isn't talked about much is the lack of penalties called against Sask. during the entire game. It wasn't the riders that won the game, but the Zebras in 89.
Sask. almost stole another game today. However this time the ref's made the right call, with Sask. having two many men on the field. Allowing Montreal a second chance to score. Montreal went on to win and the rest is history.
Congrates Montreal, nice to see the cup won by an Eastern team. Can't wait till 2010 when the new and improved Cats will get another chance to go to the big game.
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Man that 89 Cup still hurts. I blame it on the white jerseys that day.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF9o3gFaco4&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF9o3gFa ... re=related[/url]

I blame it on Bruno for not dressing enough DBs in that game.

I blame it on Dave Yule!!!!

I blame it on a zone defence when man to man was called for.

The refs didn't cost us that game, but it certainly was hard to take scoring 40 points and losing.

Just like 2009, neither team deserved to lose.


Cats needed the 83-86 defense that day.

The zebras did indeed have a negative impact on the TiCat's side in the 1989 Grey Cup.

IIRC, a TiCats interception at the back of the end zone (south end of Skydome, stage right on TV) was disallowed, replay showed it was a good play and Riders ended up with 3 points after retaining the ball.

I also recall one of the TV commentators (Lancaster?) making a point of showing replays of TiCat receivers being mugged downfield with no penalties being called (specifically remember shots of Winfield being constantly held and impeded while running his routes). One, two missed calls... OK, but throughout the game?

re linked YouTube video ... penalty irony...

Questionable interference in TiCat's end zone at 1:50 mark. Both Cats were going after the ball and both sides (offense and defense) have an equal right to it, #6 had prime position. Too bad refs were not so free with flags going the other way.

Coach Bruno had to be restrained by his players at the end of the game or some of the officials (particularly one down field ref who was giving Bruno conniptions all game because of his non-calls) would not have made it off the field in one piece.

(As much as I was pulling for the Riders last Sunday, they must have horse shoes hidden somewhere re Grey Cups (ahem, '89 - favourable refs; 2007- vs second string Bombers QB Dinwiddie and K Glenn out with his broken arm) but their luck finally ran out.)

I dunno,we've had our share of good luck in Grey Cups too. In 1972 our only touchdown was scored by Dave Fleming on a pass as he was going out of bounds. Replays and photos made it look very doubtful that he came down in bounds. We won by 3 on a last second FG. If the TD pass had been called incomplete we never would have had the chance to win it.


Yes, that '72 play was close and contentious but given the speed of the action (and lack of instant replay), refs can be forgiven in really close situations but IMO, that type of close call is different from obvious infractions that occur during a pass interference, holding, clipping, roughing, etc type penalties. Clutches, grabs and illegal blocks are usually more obvious and easily seen than the fraction of an inch of a shoe touching the white line at full speed.

Even replays are not always decisive (eg, the Bratton incomplete pass (catch or no catch?) in the last Al's drive, (IIRC) Ralph Brock sideline catch in the west semi-final, etc).


I hear what you're saying about boundary calls compared to things like interference, roughing, or holding, but it seems to me that by no means are all of those infractions "obvious" either. Heck, it is often said that holding could probably be called on virtually every play if the rules were applied rigorously. Thing is, many calls during a game are matters of judgment by the officials. I'm fine with that, it's part of the game. They have a hard job to do, and overall I think they do it well and fairly.

I agree with everything you say about that play in 1972. I'm not blaming the refs, it was a close and difficult call. I'm just saying we may have been lucky on it, and Saskatchewan unlucky. (As a Ticat fan, I'm sure glad the call was made as it was. I was there to celebrate it too.)

So I don't subscribe to the idea suggested in this thread that Saskatchewan has had more than its "fair share" of good luck in Grey Cups (1989 when some calls went their way against us, or 2007 when Glenn was injured and couldn't play) and so losing this year the way they did somehow evens things up. Every year and every game is a unique situation. That's what makes it fun.

Ya one that got away not one of my favorite football memories.I pack 89@98 in a can and bury them both. :smiley:

89 had to be the hardest loss of all time in my book. Especially against the green machine.
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