Well he or Won't he ???

Overlooked in the hoopla surrounding Lumsden's arrival in Edmonton to battle the Eskimos tomorrow night at Commonwealth Stadium is the fact that he can bolt the CFL after this season.

With the option year of his Hamilton contract kicking in on January 1, 2008, he could try his luck in the ultra-rich NFL over the winter.

Well He or Won't He ????

I thought it was the 'Cat's option, not his

Nope If Jessie gets an Offer From the No Fun League
He can leave for the NFL

Probably not.

He jumped Twice to try the NFL

This time he may have somthing to back it up.
a Great Season..

Or he may not; who can say at the moment. But even if he does have a great season, maybe he's come to realize that in the CFL he could be a legend some day, while in the NFL at best perhaps an average or mediocre career.

God I hope not... but I'm afraid of this happening too...

I think personally, he should stay here, for the Tiger-Cats sake and his own. He won't be a starter in the NFL I don't think, no matter how good he plays here. He's just built for our game, he needs a step or two to build up speed and with the size of their field he won't get it more often than not. The players down there are much bigger too, so he can't run through them for extra yards like he does here.

Add to that, that I'm sure he could be pulling in over six figures for 10-15 years with the Tiger-Cats and then he could litterally do anything he wants in this city: politics, work for the Tiger-Cats organization, start up a restaurant. With the kind of money his name could make he would live like a king here anyways, suburban mansions are pretty cheap in the surrounding area. In the NFL its doubtful people will care about him unless he turns out to be a superstar there too (even if he did start, its unlikely he would be a superstar like here). But if he stayed here, he could be a star in the league, still live like a king and possibly go down a local legend if he keeps playing like he has been.

He didn't make it last time and if he tries again there will be two or three years of top draft picks going up against him while he's two or three years older.

He will try and he will succeed. He is going to be one of the best and I wish he would stay but IMO he is to good.

Do you really think he'll think like that? I'm sure he wants to prove to everyone that he is not a mediocre player with the big boys, that he is a probowl calibre player. All he needs is a chance. There are probably 20 teams he can start for in the NFL.

If he gets an offer from a NFL team, he'd be insane not to go. It must be obvious to everyone that he wants to play in the NFL. After all, he's tried twice and if he gets another opportunity, I'm sure he'll take it. Apart from the money, I'm sure he has things he wants to prove to both himself and others.

An Argo-Cat fan

The selfish side of me want to see him in a TiCats uniform for a long time to come, however, I wish him well whatever path he pursues.

Another thing to consider is that it would be much tougher to run through or over defenders down south. Jesse's upright running style may be of concern too.

Keep in mind the best quarterback in the CFL (Ray) couldn't crack a back-up job on a lousy NFL team, Marc Boerigter is back in Calgary and the much hyped Printers doesn't look to be making any headlines.

Question: Has there been a CFL running back in recent memory who made it to the NFL?

Pringle was the best up here in a long time and couldn't stick. Avery couldn't do it. Keith is trying. Mike Sellers made it, but I believe he was just up here on probation, and had already succeeded in the NFL.

Do we have to go all the way back to Cedric Minter?

I can't recall the last CFL RB that made it in the NFL as an every-down back. Maybe way back to Bo Scott who went from the Ottawa Roughies to I think it was Cleveland? And he only had a couple of years down there before he was retired. I have no proof of this but it seems that RB is one of the harder positions to crack down there.

It just goes to show you how hard it is to make a NFL roster.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think it will come Down to Money .
If an an NFL team Give Him a Signing Bonus
He will go .

If Not He'll Resign With us for another 2 years + an Option

By that Time He be too Old for the NFL.

Star career in the CFL.. $200,000 tops. Average or mediocre career in the NFL... Min $300,000 US plus. Plus if he's on a roster for a few years he'll get a NFL pension. Also being a backup will reduce the number of times he gets hit.

And a player maybe too old for the NFL, but they are never too old to come to the CFL.

I suspect Jesse is well aware of how tough it is to be a running back in the NFL…especially with his style.At 6-0, 226 lbs I don’t think he is big enough for a straight-ahead runner in the NFL. Most of their defensive linemen are much taller and heavier.
He probably learned a lot when he was at training camp in the U-S but by now I would think he knows how well off he is in the CFL.
This has been a great season for him so far. He thrives in the CFL…gets lots of attention and lots of handoffs…something that would be hard to duplicate on any NFL team. Most CFL players who go down to the NFL seem to just disappear in their system.
I think Jesse is a classic example of why the CFL can be so exciting to watch. Young kid, starter right away and shines on the bigger field.

8) Marcel stated yesterday in the paper that he is attempting to get Jesse to sign a contract extension before the end of this season !!! I am willing to bet that the extension would be for a much larger salary to keep Lumsden happy and in Hamilton for a couple of more years anyway !!!!!

Jerry MacDougall and looky looky here comes Cookie both made from the Cats.

Maybe this why Holmes is still here..
Cause Jeesie Can Blot in Jan.
Holmes is signed long Term