Well he did it!

He's scored a touchdown, thrown for a touchdown and now he's called a touchdown. Hall of Fame quarterback Matt Dunigan spent 30 plays, through most of the first quarter and the start of the second, on the field as head linesman on Friday night in a CFL pre-season contest between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at Ivor Wynne Stadium.



It could have been more interesting if someone had argued a call that he made.. :lol:.
Good for Dunigan, he has a new prespective on the game, and that should make for some better analysis on a controversial call that is made in any of the games.

HAHAHAHA yeah somebody should have really got in his face rofl :lol:

Seriously though, well done Dunnigan! This guy deserves some seriousl respect. He has proven he is worthy of HoF status.

Shades of Red Storey

From a football player on the Toronto Argonauts,
to a hockey player with the Montreal Royals,
to a career as a football official

and to this http://tinyurl.com/35gb7w

If only Matt could skate.

On second thought.

In a Montreal-Chicago playoff game
a hostile crowd threw debris, chairs,
carrots and everything else onto the ice

in disgust over what fans felt
were a string of important non-calls
of Montreal Canadiens' infractions.

The day after, NHL president Clarence Campbell
conceded that Storey had "choked.

Red Storey was stunned by his criticism.

He resigned the next day.