well, he did it again...

Taman let the Levingston deal fall though.

Taman, thank you very much and good work! (sarcasm)

can we please get rid of this guy now, and get somebody that isn't afraid to spend our good money to get some great players.

kk, we do not have loads of money waiting to be spent and for you to say our money implies you have some ownrship to it. buying a jersey does not give you the authority to comment on how the community owned team spends it money. if anything by signing him to a smaller contract the argos have made it easier for themselves to trade him as his contract would follow him whereever he goes. this story is not yet down and i am glad we aren't throwing the whole bank account at him when there are others much more valuable to the team. and yes i think i deserve more of a voice than you on how money is spent as a lifetime supporter of the team, previous season ticket holder, and yes i also own a jersey. how very un canadian of me to suggest everyone does not have an equal voice on every issue.
and taman is the best gm we have had since murphy so i am not yet ready to send him packing esp at this time of the year. in sept/oct if we are not showing dramatic improvement over last year then i will be open to see who is available to replace him. otherwise i say we hold on to him for now.

...Stokes... makes..Levingston redundant.....he'll be traded now that he has a reduced contract ... another club will probably step-up for his services....Bombers could still make a deal for him....he'll probably be dealt to someone in the west.... :wink:

....'your' good money?........since when are you an Owner of the BBs?......

I've bought a lot of Bombers merchandise, and if I could, I go to every game.

Sorry guys, but I expect results!!! and from what I saw with the Levington thing wasn't impressive and I feel that the BBs could have done more.

I wasn't concerned with us no doing much last year, and poed when eric carter was cut (and I still believe he could have done the Bombers some good last season, but either way, he is retried now), but this off season, we have to change and go after the talent out there, especially now since Stokes whet to the Argos.