Well Gade fans you better phone Urban

I just heard on the radio the group that was going to purchase pulled out? That line up boys is none! It was fun and it looks like you guys will need to find another team to cheer for because the corpse just went stiff! No paddles required I pronounce the Gades DEAD! To bad under new ownership the team could make it in a few years. Hello Bruce Urban come to the rescue oh ya thats right you guys do not like him!

Dibs on Joseph.

DAM! I had a feeling I should have went to a game at FCS last year if I was ever going to watch a CFL game in Ottawa!

It aint over till the fat lady sings!

hope your right that would really suck hard.

much to late for Ottawa in 06


BTW, was that the group from TO, and you sure about this, the media hasn't been reliable before.

The league proped up the Argos an Hamilton and Ottawa deserves it as well.

you know that commercial with the easy button? the gades could sure use that button

The only problem is that button would drop ink cartridges not money!

TSN is reporting that the last group interested in buying the Renegades has pulled out. They claim that they believe CFL football will succeed in Ottawa but there is not enough time to buy the team and prepare for the 2006 season. My question is... if a private group cannot get the team ready for play, can the CFL accomplish this if they decide to carry the team for the season? Is it possible or not?

I believe the BOG would need a unanimous vote in favour of carrying of the team for this year........

As a Renegades fan and a season ticket holder, I am of course, disappointed to hear this news.

I find it somewhat hypocritical that the league supported Hamilton and Toronto but won't support the Renegades, regardless of whether the season has started or not. The other teams just want to eliminate the competion and pick up some players. What a rip!

Even though the one Toronto group has pulled out, Sportsnet is reporting how the league is negotiating with two more.

As a Gades fan, I officially throw in the towel. I hope you guys enjoy the good players that will be available in the dispersal draft next week. As for me, well, no more CFL without Ottawa.

It was fun while it lasted.

I'm out.

666 you are not a real fan if you give up.

Listen, I have enough going on in my life without worrying about the fate of the Renegades. Hey, if they’re still around when all is said and done, I’ll be the first one dancing naked in front of Frank Clair Stadium (ok, not literally), but everytime a new potential buyer comes in the picture, he either wants to move the team or ends up walking away. So rather than look at the news many times a day and try to convince myself the Gades will somehow play in 2006, I’d rather get a head start on life without the Gades. Easier on the brain.

I love it! 666 - yourself and the few other "fans" in ottawa that attend this site are the more active and generally more enthusiastic fans - to attend a forum strictly based on cfl happenings - you would be concidered a generally above average fan... and the cross section of fans that are in ottawa on this forum - half of them are split on wether they should support the team at all, some are glad the team is leaving, and some don't even care - And these are the greater fans of Ottawa!! I think this exemplifies exactly why Ottawa should not have a team - and never have a team again ... Its too bad, its a long history - but at least some city that cares will make up the 9th CFL team ...



Did you even read my postt? If they stick around, I’ll be getting my tickets and going to the games. But I know from life experience that it’s better to have low expectations and get good news than it is to get your hopes dashed. Maybe I’m subconsciously using reverse psychology, I don’t know. All I know is that YOU should worry about your team and unless you walk a mile in a Gades fan’s shoes, shut your ignorant yap.

Statik, I think you are off 666's Christmas card list!