Well....For Once I'm Speachless.

[url=http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/05/03/cfl-penalizes-use-of-n-word]http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/05/03/cf ... -of-n-word[/url]

OK... I just can't resist... Nick Lewis admits to committing a punishable foul 10 times a game...lol.... If even half of the other black players use the word even half as much as Nik..... Then the refs are going to have their work cut out for them this year.

If it's not ok for one player, it's not ok for any other player, regardless of ethnicity. Discussion over.

I have a bunch of Somoli friends from Ft. Mac on my Facebook ,and they use that word on almost every post.The CFL is going to have ban black players if their culture does not allow them to be able to conform to the new rules…lol
Oh the irony is amazing…haha.
This whole situation is so r-worded.


I think it goes to intent. If it is made in a derogatory fashion or meant to be an insult - such as many of the posts in Twitter after P.K. Subban scored the overtime goal in Boston the other night - apply the penalty. I’m not certain of what context a black person uses it in conversation with another black person where it is not meant as an insult - so I’ll use a different word example.

A friend of mine beats me to the last piece of pizza and I with a smile on my face so ‘Oh you beech’ (substitute ‘itch’ for ‘eech’- no harm.

In an angry moment I yell at woman ‘you eff’in beech’ - harm.

Clearly different intent - easily ruled on.

To be fair… I think if you use the word, and you are black ,then as long as you end it in the letter “A” then it should be OK. I use that form of the word around my black friends and they cool with it… I would never dream of using the same word with an “ER” pronuncuation. Stangely enough… If I use that word with the “A” pronouncuation I can only do it in a one on one setting. I would never do it with other black guys around. I guess you learn that if one of those black dudes is not your friend that they will still take offense even if they know the person you are directing the word at takes no offense… It is all very complicated… But it got to the point last summer, when I was working in the work camp and socializing with coworkers that I had “Marcus, my main nworda” and Chris was just “my nworda” They called me the same word back and it was all good… However, when this kind of vocabulary was yelled across the oil mine site, we definately got looks from other black people we didn’t know as well.White people just laughed and shook their heads.Words truely are meaningless and to police them is stupid… Obviously, it is all about intent

I got a great idea, just don't use it!!
It will never be misunderstood that way.

You have a point. However the word queer is now actually a prefered way of refering to gay people . A dozen years ago gay people could use the word queer but straight people couldn't. Now in 2014, anyone can use the word queer.... Like obviously if you say,"What are ya.... Some kinda queer?" that is not acceptable. But if you are straight and refer to the LGTB comunity as the "queer comunity" no one will take offense. Where as 10 years ago it would be offensive for a straight person to refer to the LGTB comunity as the "queer comunity" Maybe in 10 years from now calling black people "nworda" will be just as acceptable for white people that it now is for black people.Can you imagine those awkward press releases when the NFL and CFL have to unban the use of the word.

I am not surprised at all. There had been times when unsportsmanlike conduct was called and seem to be related to something a player had said. Replay had shown nothing unusual physically. When I think to myself, I wonder what could he have said that would generate a flag? Now I know at least one of the banned words.

Yeap, I actually remember the game agaist the argos and thinking.....WTF

That should apply to race as well!

I was trying to see how much the players were getting back in the day when the USFL drove the wages up...I got my answer, around 70% of revenues. However the article reveals a racial componet to it all. I remember a couple of years ago when the Team radio station did an inteview in Vancouver here with Weston Dressler and they started asking him about representing Canadians in the CFL...

[url=http://books.google.ca/books?id=6mQHaZaDTzAC&pg=PA213&lpg=PA213&dq=cfl+usfl+salaries&source=bl&ots=HKCvccvIdG&sig=bMATXOhzP-dKCLpMYZlUtQqer7Q&hl=en&sa=X&ei=kPttU_HvM9DwoAT1koKoBQ&ved=0CIMBEOgBMAk#v=onepage&q=cfl%20usfl%20salaries&f=false]http://books.google.ca/books?id=6mQHaZa ... es&f=false[/url]

I think its only white people who aren't allowed to say it now.
Of the South Asians I know they feel perfectly comfortable saying it even around their black friends.