Well fans just another game in LOSERVILLE!!!!!!!!!!

Well Ti-Cat Fans it's just another game, another year in LOSERVILLE, we've been duped by all the HYPE of signings but we are no better than last year at this point. BOREHAM STINKS, get rid of him, Marshall SEE YA, YOUR NEXT, Joe's our new head coach and as far as all other players are concerned either you start playing like pro athletes or your job is next in line, lets not wait until 3 games remaining in the 2006 season before we make changes, lets start now or Hamilton will become LOSERVILLE for the eighth strait season, oh ya it was 99 when we actually won something wasen't it, WAKE UP KATZ AND FRONT OFFICE TIME TO MAKE THE CHANGES. Suggestion: Bring in Matt Kellett for Boring BOREHAM and lets win some games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen. Maybe we'll win one if the other team gets the flu.

Maybe Coach PaoPao can call some better plays

Edit: by that I mean he can start doing so now, as he is the offensive coordinator, and that IS his job.

Well bud, Paopao does call the plays . I think Marshall has to fine these guys for stupid penalties because they dont seem to get it when it comes to hurting the team to get a hit on the QB .

This is the second game in a row where we didn't make any adjustments at half time. This needs to be done even Greg Frers on the 5th quarter when he stopped by said the same thing. Adjustments must be made and I am starting to wonder what is going on with these coaches on the bench. All this talent and nothing to show for it

This is the second game in a row where we didn't make any adjustments at half time.
Sorry... This started back in game 1 with Marshall. Remember when we were smoking BC and they came back almost to beat us?

This is game 39 of no adjustments.

I agree, but Joe as head coach. Nice job in Ottawa

So because he cant do is current job we should reward him with a higher position?

Maybe I was at a different game than you guys, but I did see some improvements even though we didn't win and it was disappointing the guys I think tried there best. Montreal just has a good team right now, we are still working all the kinks out and it will come together. Just give it some time this is going to be our year wait and see.

It's not going to be our year. Improvements only matter if you're keeping up with the rest of the league. Remember, THERE IS NO OTTAWA THIS YEAR! We need coaching. Football is %80 ajustments and our coach doesn't beleive that. It's like watching Pat Quinn coach. "HEART AND GRIT WINS GAMES BOYS...NOW LET'S TRY THE SAME THING WE'VE BEEN DOING ALL GAME!!!"

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I won't go see a game until Marshall is gone. He is going to run this squad right into last place in the East. How improved will we be then?

Love the blind faith, but given the level of competition in the league this year, matching last years win total is going to be a big stretch. We had the worst defense in the league last year, and returned the same db's, the same d line, and added two back up lb's from BC and Toronto and made them starters. Meanwhile, the Coach makes it obvious that he hasn't learned a thing in his 39 professional games, and a kicker with all sorts of athletic ability is a head case that on any other team would have been cut a long time ago. "Our year"? Better call the angels....

Usually when a team takes too many stupid penalties, it’s due to poor coaching. I’m not sure why their so patient with Boreham, there’e gotta be better kickers out there somehere ( how about that guy who won the million bucks :wink: ).
A kicker missing easy field goals is like a goalie letting soft goals in,
s-u-c-k-s the life right out of the team.