Well earned Lions' victory!

Very entertaining game against SSK on Saturday evening. Doing it in SSK was extra sweet. Harris played like he was on a mission. This sets a great tone for the rest of the team. Lions' Ryan Cave at left offensive tackle position did not look good. He was up against SSK's Chick. Chick batted Cave around like Cave was some sort of raggedy doll. I can't understand that. Cave has got 85 pounds on Chick! I know Chick is strong and he is good but Cave seemed to be no match for him despite the weight difference. Hopefully this is going to improve.

Glenn was trying to release the ball a little sooner. This seemed to help. I was very impressed with the play of bread and butter guys; Elimimian, Bighill, Arceneaux and Harris. Logan shone but not brilliantly. When he breaks one he breaks it for a huge gain but more often than not the Roughies were containing him.

Over all the Lions played like a team and there was an energy that was not there in the first two games.

Question for the forum…

With just under two minutes to play and the score 26-13 why did Benevides elect to go for it on 3rd down at around the SSK 40 ? I don't understand that gamble. Why not punt it and pin then as deep as possible or even go for a long FG. Two converted TDs and the Riders win the game. Durant can throw the bomb like any other good QB. Why not try to pin the Roughriders as deep in their end as possible? I'm trying to understand the reasoning.

It hard fought win Beagle but we also had a bit a luck too. Drop balls on Saskatchewen side also played a factor into it. Very odd call in the last two minutes. I would agree with you.

There is an expression often used in football for O-linemen "moves well for a big man" (or similar) - Cave does not qualify. He is big but moves poorly; he almost tripped himself a couple of times trying to adjust to Chick and simply could not change direction with the speed needed for a left tackle that is protecting the QB's blind-side. They had Lumbala in for extra blocking on the end for a lot more plays than usual, although he was over on the right side mostly, they did shift him left as well. Regardless, without the RB's, FB's and SB's picking up blocks effectively Cave may have been even more exposed.

Well they exposed him enough that they released him on Tuesday.

Cave released?? Wow! That was quick. He only signed on 2 weeks ago.

I read that Korey Williams [wide receiver] was let go. I'm a little surprised with that news.

Well, there you go! Cave was released - shows up on BC Lions website but not on main CFL website yet. And, yes K. Williams was released. Looks like with other receivers coming off the injury list he was seen as expendable and to be filled by a non-import.