Well Duhhh. What is the matter with people

Ice fisher waits until last possible day, sinks F-150 in Lake Simcoe (msn.com)

I lived on Lake Simcoe for over 30 years. There were locals who ice fished BUT there were thousands who came up from Toronto to invade the area every weekend when the ice was on the lake. I and a few friends referred to them as IFAs (Ice Fishing Assholes). These clowns would block driveways and even park in them. The streets were clogged so that only one car could traverse them. Many IFAs decide to park on the ice. Only thing is, they are stupid. They all park beside each other. Guess what ? The ice can't hold 50 one ton vehicles all parked beside each other. All would be in the drink together. This would be an annual event. So many idiots running around just to catch a few Perch. Some clowns would walk out on the ice very early in Dec and the ice would only be 2 inches thick. The sirens were going all weekend around the lake and sometimes the police and rescue could not get down the streets that the IFAs had plugged.
I ice fished many times. Never took my vehicle on the ice. NEVER ! I did use an ATV when the ice was 10-12 in. thick though. When i retired I was the guardian of several of my friend's huts who could only go out on weekends. Monday to Friday I would be on the lake almost alone and I had my choice of huts. No sane person waits till the last day to remove their hut.
What the article did not say is that F-150 guy will be charged by the Environment Act a very heavy fine every day that the truck remains in the water. Not only does his insurance not cover the loss of the truck but he is fined thousands on top of it. Then comes the removal charge. It could end up costing 50-60 thousand dollars. All for a few Perch ! IFAs


In Kingston there used to be an ice bridge that connects the city to Wolfe Island. Back in 1984 a family in a pickup truck went through the ice and the family couldn't get out.
I don't know if they still have the ice bridge

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Darwin continues his unbeaten streak of course.

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Well though at environmental and social expense, this sounds like justice to me. May they make a public example of them on social media as well: "What Not To Do Here Whether You Live In Toronto Or Not."

And you bet may they collect those fines.

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Pro Tip also for these people:

If you find yourself smelling something strange and are looking around for the source for more than 5 minutes, I have wisdom to pass on to you. IT'S YOU. It's time to wash up again and perhaps change your soap and deodorant folks.