Well Duck Lonie is gone

This are looking better every day :lol:

I thought Lonnie handled the pess conference with grace and class...I think the media and the fans of Ottawa unfairly dumped on him--now that everyone's favourite whipping boy is out of the picture--will fans support his father Bernie as owner--or will they dump onhim next? WHO ARE THE FANS? Certainly not the 74% of season ticket renewals who renewed--my brotherand myself among them--because we love football and we hoped things finally went in the right direction...Lonnie was not the problem this team lost since they came back...Tillman and Paopao and the previous owners were responsible for the mess...

Having said this---the "percieved" impediment (Lonnie) has been removed and so the "excuse" not to buy tickets APPARENTLY is no longer there--but wait--the unappreciative "fans" (those who always complain but never go to the games ) will now call the sports shows to still complain about Forrest Greegg and /or Bernie Glieberman--it will always be something...instead of focusing on football issues the media and thes so caled "fans' will hatchmore complaints about" I'll never support them as long as (insert name) is running things...or they will complain about Jenkins before even 1 play has been rnfrom scrimmage...SHAME on the 'fans" of Ottawa...we real FANS (those who lay down the money to go to the games even in pouring rain) think you
(the 'fans") do not deserve football in Ottawa...
Now that Lonnie is gone--will you flock to buy tickets so that Bernie Glienerman even wants to keep the team going? Whatif no other owner to buy it off him steps forward? What will you say then?


I would have liked to give Lonnie at least 1 season (this year) to see if things looked like they were turning around...now all we have is more political intrigue within the management of this club..it is sad.

mlgottfan - right on man, well said.

Lonie was a bit of a scapegoat. Did he do a great job? Probably not. But he's the least of this franchise's problems. he didnt even have a full year to do anything.....anyway, it never, ever, ever, ever, ever ends here does it....anyway I'll be in my seat July 1st. :? Cant wait!

GOOD RIDDANCE, LOONIE. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass as your leaving. Now get rid of Forrest Gump. YYYEEEEEEHAAAA !

I kinda feel sorry for Lonie. Right from the start he was never given a chance as media and fans were all over him. Sure he made some bonehead moves, but what I don't like is how he was crapped on from the start.

ORR, grow up a bit. If you think you can do a better job as president or GM, go right ahead, i'll be the first to laugh in your face when you fall flat on it.

What they need to do is get rid of Lisowski because he has now driven two people away from the team.

Hey Gades. We finally agree on something. Get rid of Lisowki and the Gumper.

I think Lonnie had his chance (last year & in 93 or whenever). The thing that I think is really encouraging about this is that it would seem Bernie is commited to suceeding here. Firing your son can not be easy. Ottawa football fans I think get a bad knock, they have supported losing teams for years.

What I can tell you, is that living in Hamilton, I have seen a huge swing in fan interest simply because of solid ownership. people want to be proud of their team and their organization. It also helps to have the media on your side. Right now in Hamilton, all Ticat talk is soooo positive it's amazing.

Even last year, last home game we had 28k come out. believe me, it can turn sooo fast.

And the bottom line is, u r either a fan or not, and I can think of no better way to spend a summer evening or fall afternoon that watch a good CFL game.

Hang in Ottawa, and I'll see ya all at Franck Clair at least once this year, maybe when Josh returns. :wink:

Alll i got to say i am looking forward to this season right now

Yeah and I can't wait for those beautiful summer nights when I can go to a game for a nice afforable $25 after a hard day of work, lol. Nothing is finer, except when you hook up with ladies. Speaking of that I went to every home game last season, and could not believe how many chicks were there. This alone would bring more people if they knew about it I'm sure, lol.

Couple comments.

Lonie was not respected @ the govenors levels and until Ottawa gets some respect they won’t be able to attract any leadership. So yes Lonie was a bit of a scapegoat, but he also was a joke.

The Gades are not out of hot water yet. 1. Lonie leaving means nothing on the field. 2. And it’s certainly not going to sell more season tix… 3. Now we have to find a Pres, a GM and if that GM doesn’t like the coach… well a potential coach…

Meanwhile, team’s like the Tcats keep stealing the stars on what was a team…

Gades need to get somebody for real this time. That person need to be a football person and he needs to hire football person.


Awesome post, your bang on. Gang just want to say one thing Lisowski is the man who saved Grey Cup heer in Ottawa and then saved football by talking the gliebermans into buying the team before the doors were shut for good. You are all messed up with it. Kershaw is the damage report not Lisowski. Lisowski is from Ottawa been a fan forever. Kershaw is from Toronto he doesnt even care about Ottawa.

P.s. phone the office and ask who office manager is KERSHAW is the answer

So tell us how he saved the Grey Cup here. Ottawa was promised it and there was never any talk of them having the game taken away. Show me the facts.

Lisowski is a cancer, same with Kershaw. They should both be gone before any more damage is done.

Can't just hire somebody who knows something about football?

Lonie didn't conduct the press conference with grace and class, it was just another shot at those people who don't want him here and for good reason. I can't stand his stupid quotes he offers which serve no purpose whatsoever. This is the 3rd time he has been owner of a franchise and he's blown it everywhere he's gone. He speaks so highly of his stupid promotion which drove many families away and brought the sleezebags into the fans. If its college kids he wants at the games, he'll get a lot more than he's bargained for because they'll be sure to get drunk and piss off more people and get into fights, no thanks, give me the families who want to watch their games without problems such as these.

Where is the area on the rens site that Lonie mentioned to comment if we want Bernie around or not? I hope this isn't another case of them being so out of it that they don't even follow up on their website again. Looking at their coaches and it says it will be updated after Feb. 1st. A whole month is gone and still nothing on their website.

lg is run out!!!!!!!!

comment at feedback@ottawacfl.com

Ah so Lonie was making it out that they had setup something to post feedback, its just their regular contact e-mail address with no mention of it whatsoever on their site.

If you remember Ottawa didnt even have a permit for the stands less than 24 hours before kick off, the city would not sign it off. Lisowski came in and fixed the entire structure with a city employee to get the permit signed at 10:32pm the night before Grey Cup. I know people in the City (Facilities inspection permits).

Kershaw is the cancer he wants Lonies job.