Well Done...

Just wanted to say I'm proud of our Bombers. Last night must have been really tough for them, and I think that was really evident in the first half.

Good on you Guys...that game took a lotta guts, and you pulled it out. :thup:

Great game from the players, gritty effort. It could just as easily have gone wrong and who could blame them, but they put in a hard nites work in honour of coach Harris and pulled out a special win. A number of players had special games. Doug Brown was better than his usual efficient self IMO, Dorian Smith had his best game in a while. Brink showing significant improvement from his last start, making a key play with his legs to keep a game winning drive alive and making a great throw to TE in the endzone. Watson...what more can you say about this kid. Took a number of hard licks last night, made some great catches and was the best receiver on the field. His work is paying off and he is going to have a great career if he keeps this up.

I don't think there is anything more I could add to what's already been said. I'm very proud of them.

That was one helluva effort given the heavy hearts they were lugging around with them on the field. Just an heroic performance all around. :thup:

...Considering all of the heart-ache of the last little while....This team showed what they are all about...a solid football family....and a BIG WINNER as well :thup: :thup: :rockin: They can be very proud of their effort :thup: