Well done Lions!

Watched the game against Toronto this evening. My heart can't take much more of this but you gotta love the CFL!

I was really happy for Jarious Jackson. He threw no inteceptions and did not fumble the ball once not to mention he threw 3 touchdown passes in the 2nd half. This guy is really something else. Gets replaced by Travis Lulay because according to Wally "he wasn't doing anything". Then Jarious comes back into the games as if possessed by a demon after Travis Lulay gets injured. It is as if Jarious was saying, " Hey, so you think I can't get the job done?"

Too bad for Buck Pierce. I hope he recovers soon. I am concerned about his resilience. He is a good player and intelligent but injury prone. He plays his best and is not afraid to sacrifice his body for the good of the team but it is nerve wracking when one never knows whether he will be getting up off the ground for the next series of plays.

It was good to see Travis Lulay get some game experience. I hope he sees more.

It must be sinking into Grice-Mullen's head not to cough up the ball on returns but I would like him to spend less time running backwards and losing valuable yardage. He fights like a pit-bull for the yardage but the game film will show him that dropping to the ground is better than being dropped for a loss.

After seeing the Lions fall behind early in the game and Toronto's Lucas catching balls like Hamilton's Cobb ran against the Lions a few weeks ago I thought, "Oh, no. Here we go again. Another ho-hum game." Congrats to the Lions defence for holding Toronto when they had to. 7 for 7 field goals is great and it accounted for 21 of Toronto's 28 points but it could have been 49 points instead of 21 had Toronto converted those field goals in to majors.

Congrats to the Lions offensive line for protecting Jackson so that he could get his passes off.

Admittedly, Toronto is not all that strong a team in the CFL. They were playing with their second string QB but they were determined to make a statement after being shut out against Montreal last week. They almost did. But in the end B.C. made the bigger statement. They showed that they were not going to lie down and die. Wally can sleep a little easier...at least until the Lions meet Winnipeg next week.

I just checked and there are no little stars beside the victory. It still counts as a win.

Very happy for the boys to pull that one off and to do it by moving the ball is refreshing. They must play better early on in games to avoid their fan base having a collective heart attack.

The secondary was pretty suspect tonight but may have been due to the D line not getting enough pressure.
Anyone else notice we seem to rush wide and the O lines just push us out and let their QB step up into a big pocket?

Maybe they were more worried about keeping the QB contained than flushing him out of the pocket? I dunno, but our D-line is hit and miss so far. But there's still plenty of potential!

Not the prettiest game overall but I'll take the win. We need to come out stronger and and remain that way for all four quarters.

Down 22-7, then they come back and win 36-28. Amazing, sure they didn't do so great in the start, but they didn't go down without a fight, and came back strong. Good job Lions.

As a huge football fan from America, I am really enjoying watching the CFL games this season. I don't get to see a lot of the games but I find the Canadian game fascinating and very entertaining. I've watched on and off since the early 90s and will continue to do so as long as they broadcast games here in the states.

It was nice to see the Lions play the way they are capable of playing each week. Toronto isn't a good team and to see BC struggle against them was discouraging. I was happy to see them explode for all those points in the second half. To me, it seems that JJ needs some more time to get in rhythm with the receivers. I don't know much about Travis Lulay, but clearly JJ needed to be in there in this game.

At 3-4, I think the Lions are in great shape to keep things rolling. There isn't one team in the West who has stepped forward as the clear favorite to win the division. If the Lions can figure out a way to stop the big play, especially on pass plays, I think they'll be fine.

Good luck to them. I'll be watching this weekend against the Bombers.

Hey nice to see an American enjoying the Canadian game. I understand there still is a decent following, of the CFL, in Baltimore due to many fans embracing the Stallions and learning that the CFL isn't a junior league.

I always tell people who sneer at me for being a fan of the CFL, that I am also a fan of the NFL and it isn't a one or the other that you can be a fan of... it is possible to be a fan of both. Hell, my football season starts in June and doesn't end till the Superbowl. :smiley: