Well Done, Gades!

Hats off to a good game!

Renegades looking solid. First place.......love it.

Until this Friday.................I hope...........any one have tonight's attendence............?????????? It must have been over 22,000

And who said the CFL was easy to predict?! Did any of ya think the Gades would be leading the East? Did any of ya think the Als would slip beneath .500? I don't think so.

I predicted that......OTTAWA would surprize people this year...........but I said about HAMILTON , too.................so I guess that they cancell each other out. :lol:

Yes well done, I hope you keep it up this season. You flat out beat us in two games. Hopefully the fans keep coming up..

Congrats on your win tonight Ottawa. You answered back when you had to. My Riders just not get it done. You did. Oh well, back to the drawing board!!
Hope Ottawa fans keep supporting your very good team.

Gobble Gobble
Riders will return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My thoughts...

-The Gades have a VERY aggressive D...and they're improving with each game. They're certainly fun to watch.

-I normally hate discussing the officiating but I have to say this...they were very good tonight. That's the fewest nylon hankies I've seen thrown in a long time...and perhaps the most impressive calls, were the non-calls.

-Did Nealon look pissed or what?

-It's official, Jason Armstead's a player...he's a skinny guy and to drag a defender three yards for (almost) a first down showed why Ottawa's winning games...no quit.

-There are a lot of XXXL green golf-shirts on that Riders sideline...is it me or is that the fattest coaching/training staff in the CFL? I even saw a twelve year old kid hangin' around there who was o-line material...and I think he was holding a drumstick and a bucket of "dirty bird"...no wonder "gang-green" ain't taking this '05 campaign seriously. :o

…some slow-breathers for sure…anyway, good game gades, tough one riders but you’ll bounce back against BC…well, maybe hamilton…jm, I thought you were in BC? soaking up the sun…

Stopover in Medicine Hat. It's too far to drive in one day with two kids under the age of three. . .

ottawa's D didnt look NEARLY as good as it did in hamilton ( but thats prob. cuz it was against hamilton...lol )...i was really worried that this was gonna slip away from ottawa.


well....Renegades got an Easy win against winnipeg next week!
( hopefuly winnipeg beats hamilton to get within 2 points of calgary and sask. in the meantime)

We're already done the series with Hamilton. :cry:

The attendence was.............20,600 + , not bad.

i was just lookin for those attendence numbers....where'd u find them?..

nvm....found them on GADES website!

A close game that had an exciting finish. The key was Omar Morgan's pic in the endzone in the 1st. If he doesn't steal the ball from Yo, the 'Gades could have gone up by14 & taken control early. Ottawa was abit sluggish but it was their second game in 5 days. The Riders moved the ball but again, turnovers killed them.

Offense didn't look great but, as usual, did just enough to get the job done.

I'm loving this defense more and more every game. Atta boy, Greg Marshall!

Overall, wasn't the prettiest game I've ever seen but the win is all that matters. And, quite frankly, I'm just happy to be able to finally see the Gades on TV again! Can't wait till next wee.... oh wait, no TV for that game either.

Hey Sportsnet!? Hey The Score?! You've seen the ratings. Pick up the rest of these games. We can't get enough!!!

Go Gades Go!!!

You're a Gades fan and I'm simply curious, what IS the prettiest game you've ever seen?? :shock:

What a finish! Ottawa's D kept bending and bending, but it didn't break. I was sure it would ... I was nervous watching that final Saskabush drive. I thought the Gades could've sealed the deal when they got that last pick, but not quite ... the Ottawa offence left a bit to be desired, but Joseph had a great first half. And wow, was Frank Clair loud! And that's only 2/3 full ... hearing "de-fence, de-fence" through the last 5 minutes was incredible ... it was roaring!
Good job Gades! Keep it up! Don't chill out too much against Winnipeg :wink:

...that "de-fence" chant was called the PA 'cause when it stopped it was a lot more faint...but the crowd was certainly into it, no doubt.

Well, I had a really good time at my first ever CFL game. I enjoyed the South Side too, think I'll be sticking there in the future.

The only negative was the guy who projectile puked on some men in line for the washroom while I was just a few feet away. Yuck.