Well done Brian Williams!

Tom continues to shine as a class of the CFL and hopefully when Braley sells, the votes will be in his favour to stay on for another 3-4 years.
My CFL includes Commish Wright and the Ottawa Gades.

I doubt you'll see Braley sell. He's poured a bunch of money into the team, and now that it's finally starting to pay dividends, I doubt he's going to walk away...at least not for any amount that anyone would be willing to pay. And to suggest that he'd sell the team so he can own the Ottawa franchise? Why, so he can lose a fortune on them for ten years?

On a side note, how about the idiot on the BC/Sask game who said Braley lives "just outside Toronto." Hey, it's called Burlington, moron, and it's adjacent to Hamilton. We have a CFL team of our own, and as long as you're broadcasting CFL games, you'd better acknowledge our existence.

Actually I heard Turkeybend was applying for the Commisioners job! :wink: