Well done Brian Williams!

Its about time these wildcat owners got asked the
tough questions about Tom Wright in front of the
viewing public.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

And shame on you Wettenhall(sp??) for not answering
any of them.

:roll: :roll: :roll:

ya its sounds a lil more going on behind the scene, or he didnt have the guts to answer any questions or both :twisted: Wettenhall i am refering to :wink:

Sounds like he is trying to defact the blame off of himself there guys.

Ive come to the conclusion that Wettenhall and Braley are the problems, not Tom Wright. Both of these men need to take a serious look at what happening around the league, and the role EVERYONE is playing in the CFL's resurgence. If they do that, they will see that its not Wright who is the problem, they are!
In watching Wright's interview and Williams' interview with Wettenhall, seems to me the latter did not want to be confronted on this issue. I wonder if Braley would dodge the same questions like he did, or can Braley intelligently answer the same questions that Williams asked Wettenhall. Those same questions shold be put to Braley , tonight if possible!

Who knows i am sure it would be interesting to put all eight owners on the spot. Good football tonite.

i agree with u sambo :wink:

Great thread!

The MONTREAL owner did say it was the B.O.G. who are mostley responsible for the rise in the CFL. " their 10 year plan " :lol:

Tom got 0 credit , from him. :thdn:

BRAIN , had tough questions for both of them.

TOM , was the only one to answer them all with class. :thup:

This TSN broadcast looks and sounds great! :thup:

Hey , we finally agree on something. :thup:

Maybe he did not want to air their dirty laundry!

Then why be interviewed at all?

Shouldn't both sides have their say? He had his chance and came off looking very bad. :thdn:

Come on Ro, the least Wettenhall could have
done was answered the question on what exactly
the board of governors looks for in a president.

Whether or not it described Wright would have been irrelevant.

After watching Wettenhall, it looked like he chose not to answer because he didnt want to look like the bad guy in all this, IMO. It wasnt a matter of airing dirty laundry, because Williams did ask him why he had a problem with Wright, and it was a question he should have answered so the fans could have made their own judgment on what Wettenhall had to say. He looked bad by not answering the question, so it was really a no win situation he put himself in, he really looked uncomfortable after Wright's interview was over.

Couldnt agree with you more, sambo. As fans of
this great league, I think were entitled to some

There is a bottom line here. You guys like T.W.(I do as well BTW) and these 2 owners do not! What ever their reasons are they do have them.

However , they may not have the support to replace WRIGHT , now.

They should start naming names , who should replace him. Good luck finding some one , boys. :lol:

Knowing the likes of these two they would like Marty York! :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol:


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No soft ball questions from Williams.

It seems Braley didnt enjoy himself too much at the game either, because he was fending off questions about wether he is selling the team or not... seems owners are in a bit of discomfort to start the year... could it be that the fans voices are starting to be heard by these guys.... most want them to retain Wright for commish, and I would think that they are getting that message loud and clear...