Well done Brady!

Most people (including myself) had their doubts, and some had predicted an ugly loss for the Als against BC. However, at least on this day, he rose to the occasion and played a great game along with Payton. Hopefully, he can keep it going next week. Looks like he earned another start. :thup:

Way to go Marcus!
You certainly held up to the challenge!

He sure did. Great game management....and no mistakes, what more could we have asked for. Avoided the pressure well, threw well, ran well, and to me most significantly he never panicked, and when the play wasn't there he calmly threw the ball away....no interceptions. Great game.

But game ball has to go to the O-line. Easily their best game of the year; only gave up one sack I think, and Brady was rarely pressured. Opened up good holes for Payton. Bourke sure looks like a keeper....heck even Mudge didn't have a bad game!

he did what he was supposed to do- manage the game, dotn make mistakes, run the offense to perfection, maybe if popp and the offensive coordinator had this same gameplan A.C. would have never been injured, these coaches are gonna A.C. maimed one day with their playcalling.

Brady never really had a chance to prove himself. In Hamilton he was behind Mcmanus, in Toronto he was behind Allen and in Montreal behind AC. He's been waiting a long time for this chance. He did a great job. His passes were like rockets. Excellent job he did for us. He beat BC wich everyone thought we were going to get blown out (including myself. Makes next week versus a struggling Eskimos look a little easier.

What I found really interesting is the fact that the Als had 6 plays over 20 yrds (have not seen that much this year). Payton had 21 carries (has he had over 20 all this year?)

I agree with MadJack regarding the O-line. They played very well and when someone was able to get to Brady, his legs got him out of trouble...one dimension that AC just does not have.

I admit it also, I had my doubts with Brady.

I honestly thought Calvillo was the only man who can work this Offense.

Now, I think Montreal has a QB contraversy ;Calvillo, Brady and Maas. This can only bring out the best of our QBs.

I have perceived Brady as a second string QB only- my miatake. In todays game he looked like he was number one. I liked the QB run up the middle and the manner in which he rolls out and moves around the backfield. He deserves the start in the next game. Perhaps he is the kind of QB that takes time to develop- Calvillo was that type. I really don't know why Popp traded for that Mikesomethingfrom Toronto.

Hats off to Brady for an excellent performance, but I'll tell you something. If Calvillo had had this kind of protection all season long, we wouldn't have a QB controversy, because A.C. wouldn't have gotten injured in the first place. Josh Bourke looks like a keeper at blindside tackle.

What I liked about Brady was his poise under fire. Sure he misfired a few times, but the best thing is that he took the momentum changes in stride and kept to the game plan. Although Bellefeuille's usual crappy conservative playcalling almost sunk us again.

But great job, Marcus! I LOVE having a quarterback controversy in Montreal. It can only help the ball club.

Great job by Brady! He has a really strong arm and can throw the long pass. He averaged over 14 yards per attempt today! The o-line was simply awesome. Bourke looks like the real thing and Seagraves is probably better than Lambert at left guard. I think they should keep the same 5 guys on the O-line even when Lambert is healthy enough to play. I was really impressed by Bourke. This performance also came against one of the best defensive lines in the CFL. It is very encouraging.

Brady showed today what a CFL QB should do.

1- He sold play action (opened the run)

2- He threw on the run (Used the width of the field)

3- Evaded Pressure and moved the pocket (Helped his Oline).

4-He stretched the field (pushed back BC Secondary)

He did this in his first game in 3 years against the best D in the league. So please stop with the if AC had this protection BS...Brady LED his team to a win today and Wasn't Anthony cheering Brady an the team on today...

Way to go Marcus!

Give me a break. I wasn't ragging on Brady at all. He did a great job. But it's not coincidence that the O-line had one of its best games of the season and was pass-blocking well and opening holes for Payton left, right, and centre. Was anyone from the Lions allowed to come up blindside on Brady and give him the kind of vicious hit that took A.C. out of the game last week? No. Brady played a great game, but his O-line helped him out a lot.

IMO That's because Brady never tried to hang on to the ball for five steam boats while staring at the sidelines, looking for the five yard out route. Ball was out quick all the time and if there wasn't a receiver Brady was on the move or throwing the ball away.

When did Calvillo give a RB the ball 21 times in a game? I can't remember of one. This going back years not just since Bellefeuille started calling plays. Brady still kept Payton in the game with a 12 point lead that has never happened with Calvillo in the huddle. This keeps your Oline from getting smashmouth when you have the lead. It keeps your RB watching out for you cause your still keeping him in the game.

Yes the Oline played better and Strickland was a monster early shutting down the run. My comments weren't aimed at you specificaly, I've read these types of comments from a few folks regarding the Oline, no matter how you slice it when someone says "If Calvillo had this type of protection Als would have won too" It does take away from what Brady did yesterday. He led his team and allowed them to be the agressor on offense Something Anthony hasn't been able to do in a long time. I am grateful for what Calvillo has done for the Als over the years but yesterday's game proves its time for him like it was for Hamm to become a team player instead of the team leader and help the Als transition to a new era at QB. Or the Als will look like the Cats did when DannyMac tried to hang in there in Hamilton. I would not trade Anthony but I would make him understand its time for him to share the responsabilities and start grooming a replacement. Looks like they may even have on in Brady, time will tell.

Its not for nothing Popp tried to sign Printers and is carrying six QB's

Although the O-line played a pretty good game, I could count quite a few moments where Brady was able to scramble out of trouble when the pocket collapsed in order to buy himself some time. AC on the other hand, would have been forced to turtle and eat the carpet.

HfxTC, while I respect your point of view, Calvillo did not have even close to five steamboats on the play during which he was injured. A Lion came unblocked off the line and absolutely crushed him blindside, which has been happening all season long. We are last in the league in sacks against. You don't think that takes a physical and mental toll on the QB after a while?

And while I fully agree that Brady's mobility served him well last night, I count plenty of times this season when A.C. himself was able to avoid the pass rush and make something out of nothing.

All I wanted to emphasize was that Marcus Brady didn't win this game by himself yesterday. He played a tremendous game, but he also got help in some key areas.

As for Popp going after Printers, Wetenhall has confirmed today that it was a rumour started by Printers's agent.

Finally, why wouldn't Popp stockpile QBs when his starter looks to have a season-ending injury? It's not a lack of faith in Calvillo, it's a GM doing his job and protecting the interests of the team.

I don't believe one word that comes out of Wettenhaul's mouth. Every GM and owner always downplay or deny discussions when a deal can't be made and you left starring at your player (Calvillo).

Every agen will hype and plant info in the media when negotiating especialy a guy like Meddle Lock...:slight_smile:

Yes Football is a team sport but Brady kept the Lions defense off balance the whole game. When they overloaded the box he would roll or dump it. when pressure came in from the outside he used screen passes. He stretched the field regularly during all four quarters. All this helps his Oline from being sitting ducks.

Calvillo's contract is up at the end of the season and there is no way with the new salary structure and his age can you give him the kind of money he's been getting. 225K two+one is what he should get. Do you really think Popp would give two top notch prospects on trades if Calvillo was out for a couple weeks?

The Als have back to back games against Edmonton do you think Calvillo sits out and watches Brady possibly go on a streak? It will be very interesting to see how things develop. I say if Brady plays as well next weekend it will be very interesting to see what choices Popp makes.

Well, regardless of who contacted who, and who offered what, the fact of the matter is that Printers is now a Ti-Cat so all of that matters little.

I am really looking forward on seeing what Brady can do in Edmonton. If he does play well and gets a little streak going, it will be interesting to see how the Als use Maas (if at all) down the stetch. I would be very surprised if AC comes back this year (at least during the regular season) but if he does, things could get interesting.

A QB controversy in Montreal? Who would have thought? :lol:

I saw something different in the game,

Als clearly outscored their opponents in the second half.... 20-0.

great job from Brady, no mistakes, great plays, hey! we have a QB who can run to avoid pressures!

I feel better now that we know we have a QB who can backup AC.

Same here. Been a long time since any of us could say we are happy with the backup QB; while I've tried to forget Dan Gonzalez, Ted White, and Nealon Greene, I can't.

Brady was very impressive and makes the picking up of McMahon seem silly.

I,ve just noticed that Brady has the nest punting average in the whole league!

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=fbstats&func=netpunting&year=2007]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=fbst ... &year=2007[/url]