Well Done Argos And Argo Fans

Happy for the Argos and Argo fans on winning the East .

It will be a good close game.

Forget the regular season records.

This is Mark Trestman and Ricky Ray.

Sorry to do this but :

Go Stamps Go

Congratulations to the Argonauts who deserve to be the Eastern team in the coming Grey Cup game. It was interesting to welcome both HC Treasman and GM Popp unite to win the Eastern title. They picked up SJ Greene and Bear Woods and, others from the Als team and, responded well winning the East side in the coming Grey Cup game. I do hope that the fans who follow the CFL will begin purchasing tickets next season. The management and coaches brought new faces into your team and, the team players responded well to their efforts. Somehow the team fans will have to regain some of their past support and begin showing up at the games beginning next season. It’s interesting to wonder why fan support has been lacking? My hunch is that the older persons are the backbone of this team but, the younger population seems to be the age group who do not show up at the games. Originally from Montreal, I can well recall the good crowds that attended these games in the recent past. Montrealers always had a hatred for your Argos and, games in both Toronto and Montreal were well attendd by an interested fandom in Toronto and and In all cities. Coach Cahill was an excellent coach in those days and, he certainly helped bring the fans to your games predicting ’ ONLY AN ACT OF GOD WILL RESULT IN AN ARGO DEFEAT". These were interesting days and, as a long fan of the CFL I miss the hype of those past days. It appears the younger people seem more attuned to the NFL, at least from my family. I find it quite sad that the present sports crowd in Toronto do not show enough interest in the Argos. Perhaps one day Toronto might lose the team unless interest increases local support from the people of Toronto.

I was very worried in the second half, but RR showed that at 38 he still has what it takes. One more game for the Argos, lets' hope it ends with the cup over their heads!

there is still interest. I work in TO (Richmond Hill) and talk at work Mondaywas the Argos even though Leafsand Raptors played the same day. TFC I never hear about them.

I was at the game so how did it look on TV and did it sound like no one cared? It was very loud at the game

It was very loud on TV too, you could really hear the fans but they were almost as loud for SK as they were for TO, must have been a large crowd of green there.