Well deserved win by the Lions!

Good grief. What a nail biter. McCallum! Go and see a podiatrist and have that kicking foot checked to make sure it’s straight. 5 points squandered on two makeable field goals. The score would have been 21-18 without that last redemptive field goal of yours but at least you redeemed yourself.

Harris was brilliant! Mitchell needs to put a sock in it. He was on fire tonight but his stupid slash the throat gestures are hurting the team. Be pumped up all you want but don’t be stupid when you’re on the field. Make your point by sacking the QB not with hand gestures.

The Lions were NOT lucky to win this game and the Esks were not unfortunate to lose. Both teams played great and were deserving of the win in my books. Here’s what I can’t figure out: The Esks get crushed by Hamilton last week and yesterday Hamilton loses to the worst team in the CFL [The Bombers] and yet the Esks almost beat the best team in the CFL. You just never know.

Anyways, so far so good with the Lions possibly ready to lock up 1st place on Oct 06 [or almost] when they meet Calgary in BC Place. Saskatchewan needs to do its part by beating Calgary. Now then, much as I’m not much of a melon-head fan I must admit that I’ve purchased a medium sized water melon for Sunday’s game and will be shelling it out to wear as I cheer on the Roughies.

Understandable that Winnipeg and Edmonton can play well this week. Every team fluctuates in performance over time. Both teams are strongly motivated to redeem themselves after humiliating losses especially at home where they tend to play better. Besides, every team has some good players and wants to beat champions. So BC cannot be expected to dominate every opponent.