Well Deserved GC Win boys

Enjoy! :thup:

Wooooo hoooo hoooo yeah baby , What a team!!!! Intelligence,Poise,athleticism, 2011 GREY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!, Brilliant year by Wally Buono, tweaking this team I myself hope he stays, the man knows football. . BC LIONS 2011 GREY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!! :rockin:

Wonderful ending to a very thrilling and exciting season. This was the first Grey Cup game my wife and I have attended and it was well worth the money and not just because the Lions won.

When the Lions were 1-6 many were trashing the coaching staff. Some were asking for Travis Lulay's head on a stick and emphatically said both Buono and Lulay had to go. Some said that the Lions were peeking too soon or that the reason they were winning was because they were playing injured and weaker teams. Merely venting? Frustrated? Maybe a combination of both but the way the B.C. Lions turned their season around and won 10 of their last 11 games before the playoffs, the way they literally demolished many of the better teams says one thing.........


......and they were fully deserving to hoist the Grey Cup high above their heads. They proved the skeptics wrong once and for all!

Well done B.C. Lions....well done!!

Congrats to the Lions on a great comeback season. They became a very good team and deserved to win the cup. Enjoy the win Lions fans!

Go Stamps in 2012!