Well considering halftime shows...

I actually liked the half time show. I think it would have been pretty cool to see it live. When it's on tv it's a lot harder to judge as we can't hear the crowd noise or even much of the music which would have covered up some of the vocal mistakes. At least we know they are live and not faking it.

Prince was the Best halftime show IMHO

if you are going to have anyone perform they have to perform well.

We were watching it with about 8-10 people aged 19-25 and we all thought it was the worst halftime performance we'd ever seen.

Bur I'm an indi guy bringing up metric. Still indi

Halftime show was not for me. Loved BTO and Randy Bachman BTW, I'm not a BYP fan or Usher. No thanks. Glad I listened to the music I liked at halftime on my stereo system. Hip hop ain't my thing.

Cuff the Duke at halftime, great Canadian band that isn't well known, love their music. Hey Rosetta another great young band or the Constantines, love those guys.

hopefully next year I hope they have a younger canadian band perform at the grey cup however.

I am sure that at the 100th grey cup in Toronto they will have a halftime show probably very tailored to a younger audience, but I'm hoping to gawd that they don't get Justin Bieber.

You know, I didn't even realize she messed up until someone mentioned it. The way she kept changing her voice and screaming, I couldn't understand what the hell she was saying. She could've been singing one of her singles, and I wouldn't have known.

The halftime show was brutal. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think hip hop/R&B acts sound good live. I hope the NFL goes back to signing the old rockers. Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, The Who, these were good halftime shows.

worst halftime show ever

This show has sucked big time every year except for Prince when it was okay but still cheesy when he got to "Purple Rain." The only good show I ever remember for a Super Bowl anyway was the pre-game by KISS in 1999, and I am not even a KISS fan at all.

And The Who sucked big time last year too. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: Maybe Roger Daltrey forgot his fibre that day for all we know, because he sure looked and sang like it.

Whatever the merits of the performer, I just think for the venue to attempt to adapt to a broad audience, as usual, just makes for a sucky performance by just about any performer.

It's like expecting quality filet mignon from McDonald's the way it's all promoted and set up.

And even when it is an otherwise good performer, it's just plain the wrong stage and why many of us do not even bother to watch no matter who it is as everyone banters about it in the week after the game like a bunch of chickens in a coup.

I think the Foo Fighters should do a halftime show. That would be amazing. They have so much energy, and that is what people want.

Do like the Foo with Pearl Jam or Pearl Jam with Neil Young.