Well considering halftime shows...

Not that it's saying much, but personally I'd say the Grey Cup halftime show was better than the Superbowl show this year...

Although the Grey Cup needed better audio pickup, the music and performance was a lot better.

Tron dance costumes? People falling from the ceiling? That was fun!

Liked the Grey Cup performance too.. Bauchman Turner fits the Grey Cup.. Crazy tron lights fits the superbowl..

fergie's singing was horrible...

granted.. i just had a good laugh and a good time watching football and suberbowl shenanigans tonight

Poor Christina, not good. I mean you’re singing the national anthem at the SB for pete sakes, get the words right. :o :o

Halftime didn’t watch it.

That halftime show was brutal. Truly, truly terrible audio. It's no wonder music sales are in decline if that noise is what passes for music now.

(Hell, the Black Eyed Peas were better when they did the Grey Cup a few years ago.)

The performance itself was awesome with the stage and the background dancers and Usher and I also like how they connected all there hit songs into one big mash but the singing itself coulda used some work, thats what you get when your used to auto-tune and then listen to someone live :S But the performance was definatly better than Grey Cup's Half-Time.....

I usually don't watch halftime shows... BUT THIS ONE WAS AWESOME!

I couldn't take my eyes off the performance, it was a train wreck! One train full of awful music and another train full of extras from the Tron movie. And I think when the trains collided, the audio enginees were killed. It was the biggest, most wonderful trainwreck I have ever seen.

:thup: :thup: Two partially sarcastic thumbs up from me.

I enjoyed watching and listening to slash play with Christina singing. The Black Eyed Peas were alot better than the 2005 Grey Cup show at B.C. Place. Anyway, congrats to Green Bay with their victory over the Steelers.

This years Super Bowl half-time show was BRUTAL. I thought last years performence (The Who) was awesome! Why did Fergie cover Aerosmith? Couldn't they have just got Aerosmith instead? That would have been Amazing!

  1. It was Fergie, not Christina, singing beside Slash.

  2. They "covered" Slash's own song, which was originally recorded by Guns N' Roses, not Aerosmith.

doesn’t seem to be a priority on this board…

The Who?

If you think they were awesome then B /T were phenomenal in comparison.

Ive seen the Who and they sounded real OLD at 2010 SB.

IMHO the CFL should get Justin Beiber(sp) to do the G.C halftime - great opportunity to draw young fans!

Justin b at a grey cup... Lame! I think more indi like metric is he way to go.

...the second Metric is mentioned on a football chat forum is the second they cease being indi and become mainstream...

The Black eye peas were awful. I didn't realize that Fergie is that bad of a singer when heir voice isn't digitally edited.
Their only saving grace was that Christina Aguilera is even worst. I had to tune her out, it was so bad.
What happened to talent?

The Grey Cup was far superior when it came to perfomances this year.

My bad thinking it was Christina, I wasn't paying attention. Thanks for the clarity that it was Fergie pw13. :thup:

The audio was truly abysmal. It was so bad that I wouldn't be surprised if Fergie's monitor earphone wasn't even working, which could explain why her singing seemed little off. Her mike appeared to be completely off until a several seconds after she started singing, and then the volume was much too loud.

I thought it was an OK act otherwise.

As for Christina's flub, well, I forgive her for being nervous in front of 100,000+ people. The U.S. anthem is notoriously hard to sing, which is why most Americans don't bother. Anybody remember when Robert Goulet (an American who went to Victoria High School in Edmonton) flubbed the words at a sports event many years ago?

I thought the half time show was entertaining for the superbowl. I know the group I was with (late 20's and early 30's) were quite into the halftime show. Trust me give me a Grey Cup over a Superbowl any day but for me the Superbowl halftime was much better than the Grey Cup half time this year. I like older bands but Bachman Turner just wasn't my thing. Football is the main thing but I really hope the next 2 years Grey Cups have huge names for half time especially the 100th in Toronto. Maybe different musicians like Metric,Justin Beiber, and 3 Days Grace could all play a song or two. You'll never make everyone happy but if you include 2 or 3 different styles of music and have them each play a couple tunes you'll be making a lot more people happy.

sure if the large majority of tv viewers and game attendees were 15 yr old teenage girls... :roll: