well congrats toronto, you now have a bowl game.

the ncaa approved the "International Bowl" to be played in toronto next year. why, i have no idea, considering that american college football isnt that popular in canada. but hey, do what u want with it, just dont screw it up.


third little paragraph down.

I guess Toronto football fans will get to see the Sooners play in person this winter when the Uof OK come to town to play in the International Bowl.Are you going to the game Soonerfan?

lol, i doubt that the bowl will have a tie-in with the big 12 conference. But if it did and OU completely screwed up their season, then maybe. It will probally be a bowl game that gets either some of the top teams from mid-major conferences like the WAC and CUSA or the lower bowl eligable teams from the bcs conferences like the big 12 or the ACC. Hopefully though, OU will go to the National Championship game, and wont have to worry about going to toronto.

September 16, 2006 ..that is the day that Uof O 's national championship dreams come to an end. Oregon 27/ Oklahoma 21.

well um, if you knew anything about college football, you would know that the Uof O is Oregon, and OU is Oklahoma. obviously you dont though, so i will just let it slide. And honestly, it doesnt matter, b/c we beat oregon in the holiday bowl last year, and we have only become better.

ouch, you hurt my feelings. I just wanted to point out an error in your thinking when you mistakenly believe your school ( you did go to school at OKU didn't you?) was possibly in the running for a National Championship. You don't have to get mean.

sorry to hurt your feelings lol

That not what we were looking for, we want a game between the Canadians and the Americans (in the NCAA or NCAA Vs. CIS) play with both rules. But this game will do, since some of the NCAA stars go on to play for the CFL, so no problem on the entrening on the Canadian Football Territory to much, and gives the NFL fans something, now they can quit talking about getting an NFL team in TO.

Don’t expect an NFL team to come out of this anytime soon.

i dont think that they would ever do a game between the ncaa and the CIS. not to be rude, but players like reggie bush, vince young, and adrian peterson just dont come out of canada like the do the us. the game wouldnt even be close, no matter the combination of rules.

Kanga, players in the NCAA are treated like they already are part of the NFL, with millionaire coaches and top tier training facilities, and stuff. The CIS really isn't at par. I believe only Laval invest as much as 1 M$ in its football team.

And most of the Canadian players good enough to play pro play for an NCAA team.

Honest. We'd get raped.

did you mean And most of the Canadian players are good enough to play for an NCAA team?

but my point was that the NCAA coming to Toronto means nothing, there is still no NFL team coming there and really, most of the american stars come from there, like in the NFL, so it makes no difference.

just being Mr. Obvious, and putting the NFL fans down, who are cheering now for no reason whatsoever.

dont hate kucha just because the NCAA has better players than CIS and the NFL has better players than the CFL.

I beg to differ there Sooner, the americans have better tech and stuff to train there players. With what the Canadians have and what they get paid, etc. they do a pretty good job, and to me, they are better players becase of this, and aren’t soiled brats like NFL/NCAA players are, who train with the best stuff, but on camera, they look insiginificent to a CFL player in terms of the speed they run and how they play the game.

speed? ok, right.

what they should do is get the two worst teams in US college ball and play in the game--- they could call it the "Toilet Bowl"

This is great news. Hopefully there will be a fair number of student fans come from the schools to go to the game. It will give Canadians going to the game a first hand experience, in their own country, a chance to see how excited Americans get at a football game. Not that we don't get excited but to see Americans get excited on our home turf, excellent. Just helps promote football in this country a bit more, which is good all-round as far as I'm concerned.

According to todays papers it will be a team from the MAC and one from the Big East. So maybe something like Toledo against Boston College.
I would have liked to see an all-star college game similar to the Can-Am games played several years ago in Flordia...only this time allow Canada to use graduating seniors that play in the NCAA not just CIS players.

yeh, I remember also DB the Can-Am games played a while back, in Tampa I think they were, in the '70's. I agree also about using graduating seniors that play in the NCAA.
Who knows, maybe one day this will be revived, I don't know.

Im wondering how well attended this bowl game will be. They have played NFL pre-season games in TO and attendance wasnt bad, but not great. Toronto fans are fickle(even more so than Montreal fans), not enough of them conisder the CFL as "major league", but when the NFL does come to town, it seems they are indifferent. Even after the Jays won their world series titles attendance dropped off. Seems like Torontoians need to get excited about something before it takes off there. The one exception is the Leafs, who sell out if they suck(most of the time) , or have a good playoff run which ends in rounds 2 or 3. Its like that old joke---- How many Torontoians does it take to screw in a light bulb? 19-- One to screw it in and 18 to say its the greatest thing theyve ever seen.

I don't think the bowl game will be well attended at all....and why should it be? We're getting a crappy, third-rate bowl game between two teams that will have limited or no appeal in the Toronto area. There will likely not be many American fans making the trip into town due to the passport requirement (although that may not be fully in place by then), not to mention the distance, cost and hassle of leaving their country. (and the weather).

This game makes no sense at all

sambo, you are right that TO fans are fickle, but there other factors to account for poor attendances at some of the events you listed. NFL exhibition games didn't draw well because they were just exhibition games (not many star players actually came or played). The Jays drop off was more a result of the season-ending strike in '94 and bad teams that followed that year than just a World Series hangover.