We'll beat BC if we do this one thing

Not fall for any of Pierce's cheap moves to escape the rush. Watching Pierce last week he reminded me of a lot of Printers in how he handled the blitz, instead of throwing to his hot route he'd instead wait for the blitzer to come in then put a little move on him and buy extra time which resulted in a lot of huge plays. Had Regina's blitzers been prepared for this they could have had at least 5 more sacks and the game would have been a big time blow out.

BC's left side of the line is a mess and we should be able to exploit it big time, and as long as we wrap up Pierce and just focus on getting the sack rather than taking his head off we'll be just fine on.

I was going to say, "Score more points," but that would be my usual silly humour and I'd like to elevate my comment this time.

I'd like to elevate it, but I can't think of anything else dumb to say.

Oh, and re the 'sack'. I'm wondering how you go for the sack AND hold up to wait for a move by the QB. I agree with you that Pierce's moves got him extra yardage but - if I get it right - you are calling for a contain that waits for the QB to do something before you go in for the sack. In that case, aren't you just giving him extra time anyway?

Perhaps a scheme that shuts down the outside and that forces him up the pocket- if we have a LB waiting to come in then I see how this might work with BC. Do our ends have the ability to force their man AND contain? We'll see, I guess.

Yeah, The Spec mentioned the left side as well. Something I'll definately be watching.

I think Hickman will have a good game, seeing as he had 1 sack and a good amount of pressure last game against arguably the best left tackle in the league(Rob Murphy). BC is suffering from the departure of Murphy and I hope our guys can exploit it.

That's what I was going to say after the left side of the BC offensive line was mentioned. I was going to say that they must miss Murphy, and that Hickman should be able to get to Pierce. But you beat me to it. :slight_smile:

And Hickman would have had two sacks last week, but I recall him taking an RTP penalty after a low hit. That is, if I recall correctly. In any case, Joseph took a few hits last week, and I can see Pierce taking a few more.

Yeah that roughing the passer penalty was a pretty harsh one, Hickman wrapped Joseph's legs up when he was in his delivery.. what is Hickman supposed to do when he still thinks Joseph has the ball and he is trying to make a play on the QB.

Sadly the one thing the cats need to do is play in your face defense. The linebakers play off the ball too much, the pass rush is not crisp and in your face and the defensive coverages just too loose. I just wish that the cats would get some rock solid defensive players and play the old ti-cat style of hard nose football. Porter looks to be developing. We need to stop the other team from moving the ball more often

well written.

We fell for it a few times, still won. And BC fans better not get on with "it was only 3 points wah wah wah", because you guys got away with a TD that Paris Jackson let touch the turf. Final score if challenged might've been 31-21. Good game, but nonetheless, it wasn't a fluke by the Ticats. They were serious when they said we've greatly improved.

And let's not forget that PI call on Smith when the pass was uncatchable. Did not want that to turn out being a factor.

Pierce did escape pressure on 3rd and 4 on that last drive to get FD.

But pressure on him led to Tisdale pick for TD.

You can't hit the QB below the knees this year. Call is the Tom Brady rule.

Give the ball to Cobb in space <<<<< cut and paste for future threads! :wink: LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

I want to mention an unsung hero on the night. His name. Airese Currie. Wasn't impressed by this kid at all until this game. He has fantastic speed and really bailed Porter out on that bomb. Keep it up Currie :thup: