Well ... at least our coach has better hair

It may be the only fight we won last night.
check out coach Andrus hair.
Either a bad transplant or rug. Which ever ,putting on the ball cap certainly was a step in the right direction. UUUGGGG!!!!

Nice, so very true.

I mentioned yesterday during the game that he spends too much time hanging out with George Hamilton tanning on the face of the sun and I think someone on here made a similiar comparison and threw in the fact that he has a bit of a Dracula vibe with the hair.

I was expecting Grecian Formula to start running down his neck half way through the game.

  • paul

for those of you who watch The Office" , I couldn't help thinking about the episode where they were looking at taking a younger approach to the employees and Creed decided to use a bottle of photocopier toner to give him a youthful appearance.
I thought Andrus did the same last night which would explain the ball cap when it started raining.

Apparently, you two guys can't find something to criticize
about the job Bart Andrus did preparing his team for us

but you think it is socially acceptable to
publicly attack the man's appearance?

I hope you don't expect anyone to
mistake you for someone with class

when they read the rest of your posts.

Oy Vey!


It is the head coach of a bitter rival team. One that just beat us last night. This is all we have!

Please don't make me quote Phil Savage.

  • paul

ps. And for your information, I am an adonis with a full head of lucious hair.

rftt - since when were you appointed to the Morality Police? Can't guys have a little fun at Andrus' expense after such a dismal game? For crying out loud - it's not like they took their pads off and lay in state in the endzone, or something...

Whatever Andrus uses for his hair, I just hope he sends lots of bottles of it to us. Looks like it's working at least on the inside. :expressionless:

Ground-up diamond-shaped blue pills, perhaps? :wink:

"a little fun?" Doesn't strike me that way.
It's a cheap shot at someone who can't respond.
If we discuss Bart Andrus, maybe we should talk about the incredible amount of preparation and learning he and his coaching staff went through to learn the nuances of CFL football this spring. And how his team outplayed us.
About the only comment I would make about his appearance would be that he looks a lot like Brian Billick. :slight_smile:


He means Reverend Camden from 7th Heaven.

  • paul

"He means Reverend Camden from 7th Heaven."

Who the heck is that?

Brian Billick is the former coach of the Baltimore Ravens. :roll:

Reverend Camden from 7th Heaven:

Brian Billick:

  • paul

Thanks Paul. There is a resemblance between all three.

The main point I was making earlier, slightly altered *
now that you have caused me to reflect on it, sigpig,

  • see italicized word

I hope those people who consider everyone fair game
to be made fun of by all, especially public figures

don't expect everyone to mistake them for someone with class

when the rest of us with a different set of morals read their posts.

There are still people like me who don't like
to see anyone attacked for their appearance.

You are hung by your tongue.


My intention wasn't to stop people from making fun
of whoever they want to make fun of, sigpig.

That would be like trying to hold back the tide.

Everyone appears to be fair game
in forums and chatrooms nowadays.

oh for gods sake , it was a joke.

I could be crying about the game but instead I tried to lighten things up a bit. :roll:

Ron , go buy yourself a sense of humor.
It was just alittle jabbing. Nothing more.

I haven't seen a picture of the man to be able
to relate to what you guys said about him, Geoff.

You describe him as having 'a bad transplant or rug.'

If he has either 'natural hair alternative'
mocking them is a really a sensitive issue

but if he doesn't have either

I suppose he might be able to smile
out of your suggesting that he does.

If he did, I would probably smile along with him

:) What the hey... :lol:


I use a H.A.T. as my hair alternative technique.

Being follicularly challenged myself, I have no problem with hair jokes. If you can't laugh at yourself you will never really laugh. I would rate "dumb blonde" (which I haven't been for many years now) jokes as far worse "sins" because of the stereotyping of blondes and low I.Q.

I dont know how you have made it this far
with challenges like those in your life, merlin. :slight_smile: :smiley: :lol: