Weldon Brown signs with Green ink

Brown is apparently going to be wearing Green.
Not looking like Chris McKenzie will be back I guess?

The Riders are going to have a formidable secondary. Lets hope that a DE can step up. The D was 2nd rated last season, and I would say is much improved.

The core of the O is still there, with the introduction of a new OC and Simon. If they can get and keep Sanders healthy, along with continued development of Hargreaves and McHenry this could be a darned good team!

I would say the one glaring question mark is DE, but Hawkins is a great containment DE, and they have a couple potential replacements for Willis, Veikune, IMO, being the front runner.

Anderson, Brown to go along with Russ and Maze returning as well as Brackenrige at SAm with Butler backs at safety and that is one solid D backfield. The Riders had to do some shuffling last year in Chanbalins first season but in year two it will be much more of a consitant game in game out UNit. JoeLo at MLB with Kromah at Wil wil set a allstar LB crew. Interior Dline would be in great shape if they can get Charles in the draft to rotate with Sholo and a ratio spot.
From what I hear on the sprts cage there will be no stone unturned in search of some DEs
On specials Rookie Bryce Mcall should fit nicely with the Hair force of Hurl Newman mchenry et al. Grabing NI LB Tristan Black will also be a great addition to specials as well as back up LB allowing the Riders to unload imports like Ferri

don't forget Zack Evans as a NI DT. I thought he looked pretty solid