Welcoming Back Walker: Star receiver returns to Edmonton

The Edmonton Football Team announces today they have signed American Wide Receiver and four-time CFL Divisional all-star Derel Walker.

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i was scanning to see if the argos did anything and YES they did - they let walker go back to edm - looks like argos ate back up to ol' tricks again - at least argos finaly had sense to let go of macbeth ----- now if only argos can fix the issue of only having 17/18 yd end zones in of the league required 20 yd

Well I am excited no doubt and figure he's been using all this time to keep in top shape in Texas.

Look how well he did in Toronto despite injury, a terrible quarterback to start the season, and then splitting the load with the excellence of SJ Green.

Welcome back again!

Thing is, Mike Reilly was throwing to Walker the last time he played in EDM when he had those fantastic #'s.
Reilly isn't afraid to and actually likes to throw the deep ball!
Trevor Harris, not so much.
Trevor Harris throws those high % dink and dunk short throw high possession passes, not sure Walker will be running those 8-10 yard routes!
Sure, Harris can throw the deep ball, but that really isn't his style

I agree though would note that Harris has played far better in his past. And there's been a lot of time to train and improve and for healing of any given bumps and bruises or nagging pains. Now we see what's he's made of or not, like for many with experience returning to the game, within about 5 games I figure.