A big welcome goes out to all Tiger-Cat fans, members of ticats.ca, and all fans of the CFL.


Yeah, safe haven from the language police.

Glad to see CFL.ca has adopted a Ticats.ca-esque forum… should be many fierce discussions now that we have a 9-way forum…

and so it begins…

Talk about deja vu, yikes.
Donna :lol:

nice to see lots of ticats.ca members :slight_smile:

:roll: lol all we need now is a QB thread!

lol! i think danny still has some left in him… wat do u guys think

Ti-Cats Rule!!!

I’m going to go bonkers waiting for the new Ti-Cats jerseys!

Yes It Does :twisted:

Wow … Ti-Cat “breath” everywhere!!!

Hi Guys!

:lol: Not here too! :lol:

Hi folks! to all the ticats.ca members I see here

and to all the other CFL team fans, too :smiley:

Hello Ticat fans. Not here to harass anybody, not my style. Has anybody heard from Diehard?

See you in Hamilton this Friday ! I bought my tickets long ago for the Argo pre-season game in Hamilton. Be kind to us. We visit your city and stadium for every Argo game there, so we are injecting some good Toronto cash into your pockets. I am not a TiCat hater, like some Argo fans. I am very happy that you guys are turning that team around and your city is turning out for the games. What would be the best is for the crossover rule allow for a Toronto - Hamilton grey Cup. That would be fantastic !! (As long as we keep our current undefeated streak going over you guys)