Welcome to Winnipeg , Alberta

Do they even teach geography in the United States ? A.J.Cole of the Raiders has no clue . The next time you hear that the states is the greatest country in the world, remember that Americans couldn’t find Canada on a world map. "That’s some educational system you got there Cletus "

I wonder if Peg football fans will get to see any starters in tonight’s pre-season game ? Ticket prices are a joke for a hit and giggle game .

Pat Lynch ( at least I can find Greenland on a map )

I think the Canada experiment is over for the NFL.toronto and peg fans have made it clear

The only reason they are playing in Winnipeg is because the Raiders’ home field is unavailable this week. Remember, it was originally Regina that was rumoured to host the game.

I once saw an American spell Ottawa as “Atawa”. They’re generally quite uneducated about their own nation, let alone others.

We have our own, just the same.

Last week in Ottawa for the Cats game, I heard a fellow Hamiltonian say after reading a sign for the town Kanata

“That isn’t how you spell Canada. It’s crazy in our Nations capital they would make a mistake like that”.

oh boy :slight_smile:

That’s pretty bad, but to be fair Kantata is a suburb of Ottawa, and non-locals aren’t likely going to know the names of all the burbs in a town they’re not from.

For those that haven’t put the Winnipeg, Alberta NFL game on.

There was a concern over the turf that replaced the patch left by moving the goalposts. They are now playing on an 80 yd field with no kickoffs.

What a waste. The teams don’t want to be there; and the fans are getting screwed.

Best place to watch NFL is in the US or on TV.

You know what I detest most about this diatribe?

It’s how Anti-American it is in spirit. You have a democratically elected leader according to their Electoral College and it calls for such animus.

As a long-time lurker according to my joined date I know you and others are "smart"and informed. I take umbrage at your attempts to come across as superior on social and political events.

Side note I’m married to an American, I really appreciate both countries.

PatLynch isn’t wrong at all though. He’s spot on, in fact.

I’m going to modify my statement.

Spot on.

I have American family also, but that doesn’t blind me to the truth. Truth is never bad - it just is. Canada is far from perfect also, but just to a lesser degree.

And I’m not some liberal snowflake either, as many are with the anti-US/Trump stance. I’m pretty conservative, actually.

Yeah, this thread won’t get locked.

Politics, always a good thing to talk about :p. Always ends well.


I put this game on for about a quarter and it bored me to tears.

After half a CFL season and not seeing any NFL since the Super Bowl, it is amazing to see how much more dynamic and exciting our CFL game is on the wider field.

8)Wow Pat, do they even teach spelling in Canada ?? ::slight_smile:

You are quoted here as saying “next time you here that” :-[

Shouldn’t that be “next time you hear” ?? Obviously as you say about A.J. Cole, having no clue,
then that statement should also apply to you !! :-X :-X

Must be the result of that great Canadian education you got !! ::slight_smile:

Kids coming out of high school in this country can’t even tell time on a normal clock, has to be a
digital clock. They can’t even cursive write and can’t even make proper change in a store if they
don’t have a calculator in their dainty little hands.

Yep, that is some great educational system we have here in Canada, that’s for sure !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I really don’t get it . Why not play the game on a regulation CFL field ? Moving the goalposts caused the field issues .
The irony of the dangerous field conditions is that one of the teams, the Raiders, plays on a “dogpatch” of a field in Oakland .

An interesting outcome of playing on a Canadian field could have been the chance to see outstanding runners and receivers show their talents without the confines of the NFL shoe box stadia . Can you imagine a Drew Brees or Russel Wilson running wild on our Canadian field ?

Pat Lynch (the old guy who remembers Bills vs TiCats )

Bills vs. Ticats?! I never heard of that! Do tell.

I pretty well agree with you…we shouldn’t blame our American cousins for their lack of knowledge about other countries, it’s their education system or lack of ! My bother-in-law had to to pay a very large premium to have “world history & geography” taught to his kids while stationed in the U.S.

Yes Pat. I remember going to that game. In the very early '60s ('60? '61?) the 'Cats played an Exhibition Game against the old AFL Bills at Civic Stadium. And we beat them, too!
Ah, those old “Wiener Winner” seats in the East end of the stadium.