Welcome to Tigertown Sign

sec8, are you advising us not to steal, not get caught
or to hide the evidence when you do get caught?

You might want to contact a school for criminals, sec8
to see if they will take you on as a guest speaker.

Your advice might rehabilitate someone there.

Fortunately, most of us are not idiotic enough
to do something like you did or need your advice.

hey guys, take it easy on section 8, i'm sure you all have done something stupid when you were young and had a "night of refreshments" cut the guy some slack, it was a funny story :lol:

you beat me to it......I also think it's a hilarious story. :lol:

I've pulled off a few similar pranks in my day also....lol :cowboy:

Great story for sure and speaking strictly for myself my post was in no way a response to or even remotely directed to sec8. I've taken the liberty of changing your plural on guys to a singular.

'Idiotic' is a bit harsh for sharing a story.

Like any road sign in Ontario that designates a city or town, it's Ministry of Transportation blue.

Welcome to TigerTown!


Warning, warning, ** IDENTITY THEFT **

The REAL Mark

Wonder if I can turn this into free merchandise or something? :smiley:

Some context please. 20 years ago, polluting foreign rivers, and domestic ones, was de rigeur. In fact, wasn't it the backbone of the local economy way back then. I was proud to represent.

And, while painting NYC subway cars was a big deal at the time, I don't think the term tagging and the artless signatures on the back of HSR seats it's come to describe had been invented yet.

I wondered where I lost that shoe. Did you find it in the ditch beside my McDonalds bags, the contents of my ash tray and all the tags and bags from my recent clothes purchases? Did you have to dig it out from under twenty years of decaying Tim Horton's cups?


There's one in every crowd, isn't there?

Yep, and it's usually me. :wink:

I appreciate what you were trying to do with your story, sec8. Just don't try too hard to educate around here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now the big question is do I turn him in or keep my mouth shut about the theft.

Your call but in any case I'd keep those swank new Tigertown billboards under close surveillance. :wink:

So can someone clarify, are we talking massive billboards like the one Canucklehead posted, or metal signs equivalent to the blue ones that say Welcome to Hamilton?

Full size billboards that look like road signs.


Can someone post a pic of one for us out of towners. We got a few fans here in Compton but I dont see a billboard going up here.

As long as we steer clear of WKRP-style "flying turkey" promotions, we'll do fine. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Oski Wee Wee,

There is Welcome To Tigertown Sign In Burington
It's on Lake Shore Rd Heading Towards Guelph Line
It on Drivers Side Up on a Building

Can't miss it

There’s one on eastbound Main coming off the 403. I’m guessing that’s the one near Dundurn that was eluded to earlier.