Welcome to Tigertown Sign

Now I know this is probably designed to look like a road sign, but couldn't we have made it black and gold?? Reminds me too much of the teams down the road. :wink:

Where is this sign? :slight_smile:

I have seen the blue and white billboard but also the street banners that are in black and gold!

The billboard should be black and gold (yellow) ... blue and white reminds me of the Leafs ... and the Leafs are from Toronto ... same city as the despised Argos!

ya why is not Black and Gold and white.

Like any road sign in Ontario that designates a city or town, it's Ministry of Transportation blue.

Welcome to TigerTown!


so.. where is it?

Now I get it ... creative!

Hmm Thanks Mark :slight_smile:

There's one on Main, just before Dundurn - left hand side. And there's one on York, just before Copp's, right hand side.

We also have some in St. Catharines and Brantford. Probably a couple more going up too.



A good place would be Hwy # 6 at the border of Haldimand and Hamilton (coming in from Caledonia)........Haldibrook Road and Hwy # 6 to be exact...

Approx. 40,000 vehicles travel by every day.

Personally, I like the M.O.T blue. When I first saw the sign, it never crossed my mind that it resembled anything to do with the Argos at all......I really like the idea of the signs.


what sorta tools would one need to…lets say…put a sign like this up?

I thought that was why the colours were as such, but would still prefer NOT to have those two colours..lol.

Their is one in Burlington @ Lakeshore and Brant Street.

Anybody taking bets on how long they stay up? :twisted: :lol:


I hope the signs last a long time and nobobdy decides they would look nice in a rec room or back patio(against the fence, between the two cedars, above the rose bush). Money is money and it all adds up so a bunch of stolen signs will equal an increase in money next year for tix or merchandise. Contact the team, tell them you want one and maybe they can arrange to get you one at a fair price. Before anyone takes one think first about what you are doing, we all will pay in the end. There is no better place for those signs than exactly where they are.

A cautionary tale for anyone that might think of adding one of the Tigertown signs to their home decor.

About 20 years ago, I was in New Haven, Connecticut and, after a night of refreshments, grabbed some tools from the trunk, climbed a pole and helped myself to a State-owned Yale-themed sign that seemed at the time like it would make a good souvenir. I drove back a few days later and, as luck would have it, was stopped at the border where they found the sign and some undeclared alcohol in the trunk. The Customs guy made me sit around for an hour, then told me to drive back to Connecticut and return the sign. Told me that my choice was between taking the sign back or being arrested. Told me that stealing or defacing State property was a more significant offense than I might have imagined. Told me he'd contacted the State police in Connecticut and that they wouldn't press charges if I delivered the sign back to them.

I drove part-way back, decided I was probably being scammed, threw the sign into a river south of Syracuse and crossed at Lewiston. Never heard another thing about it, of course, but you never know.

So don't steal.

Here's hoping there's a statute of limitations on stealing Connecticut State property. :oops::wink:

A cautionary tale for anyone that might think of adding one of the Tigertown signs to their home decor.
Pollute a foreign river instead. Did you 'tag' the Tollbooths on the way home? I think I might have found one of your shoes in a ditch by the QEW.

Everyone's aware were talking about full sized billboards right? If anyone is planning a heist on one of these please contact me, I'd love to see how they figure one of these are coming down.