Welcome to the WFL Wimp Football League

I can't believe the calls that are being made today. These refs are treating this game like a game of touch football. These guys have pads and helmets what is with all the Rough Play calls against the cats. I mean the sideline hit was almost a total non contact. And a player ejectiion to boot on the punt tackle.

Then we have video replay and they send a guy that obviously forgot his glasses. The integrity of the officials is really in question in this game.

The no yards ejection wa a GREAT call. There is no excuse except intent to injure to follow thru on a no yards hit within 1 yard when you are supposed to give 5. The punt returner catches the ball KNOWING he won't get hit and leaves himself very vulnerable. I'd cut the kid ASAP if I were running the Cats.

Maybe we should institute the fair catch if you need that much protection. The guy was like 4 yards away and carried thru with the hit. These guys wear pads for protection. Keep the kid he shows he wants to hit and hit hard

If you know you are going to take a hit like that you let the ball go. I love the mandatory returns on punts but in order to have those returns you have to protect the returner from that type of hit. If you want the fair catch may I suggest you watch the NFL They have a decent league even if its made up of wimps that fair catch the ball most of the time. Oh They aren't wimps? Why would that be? Maybe because its idiotically stupid to have a death wish and field a punt when someone is going to knock you into next year

I won't make excuses for Timothee's hit. That being said, the fact the guy clearly had no clue about the restraining zone is not new with a Jerome Erdman-coached special teams unit. He was seen informing a new guy after a similar play about the rule during a TSN telecast earlier this season.

Like Kavis Reed, Erdman has two more games left with the Cats.

Oski Wee Wee,

Turbo how did you feel after watching the tackle after the end of the first half ?? Was that a blatant attempt to injure ??

Turbo how did you feel after watching the tackle after the end of the first half ?? Was that a blatant attempt to injure ??

first it was a bad call on the ejection because he never finished that hit. Yes he hit him, but as soon as contact was made Timothee appeared to be letting up.

On that account I might cut him some slack. Its a reach that he didn't know ESPECIALLY after the incident earlier in the year when the coaching staff clearly failed to tell the new recruit the rules. I find it difficult to believe the same mistake was made twice but .......

Missed it Scotty. What happenned?

Timothee clearly hit him within the 5 yard boundary. At first i thought ot was a good call. However after seeing the replay Timothee clearly never finshed the hit. I don't think an ejection was necessary.

How about the BLATANT attempt to injure at the end of the first half ???

Again I didn't see that one but I disagree totally with those that say the no yards call was wrong. Looks to me like the ever present work of homers.

he was two and a half maybe three yards away.

i chalk it up to stupidity not malice.

hebert on Yeast two years back though.... THAT was nasty.

Great hit, bad call, if he held back too bad. This is freekin football hit or be hit. I didn't even know the Johnny Rodgers rule still existed. Officials are terrible video reviews and all. They screwed Calgary tonight in TO on an obvious completed pass. These guys don't want the video review so they are all going to turn down them all. Anyhow some good hits tonight but as usual the officials took the fun out of the game. Excuse me MAAS and the officials took the fun out of the game.

The play where Dixon got 15 yds for rough play was a joke . I watched the replay and even the announcers said that he barely brushed up against his helmet yet a 15 yd penalty was called . The Sask. tackler clotheslines our player on the last play of the half and it`s also just a 15 yd. penalty?? What gives with that ? The tackle on our guy at the end of the half was worse than the no yeards penalty in severity .

At the time of the ejection, I said I wouldnt be surprised if he was gone. Good Call in my estimation.

I think Dixon's penatly was because it was a shot to the head. Glancing blow or not, it was a good call. Remember our debate about the intent with Gass' kick (Homersim? Maybe!)

I dont really remember the Sask games enough to comment on a specific play at the of a half. :wink: however Saturday, the 15yrd roughing on the clothesline..well..that better than nothing..like Peterson on Stokes a couple years ago.