Welcome to the Ticats, Rocky.

I've vented and I'm still not happy about the trade, but I have to take this time to welcome Rocky to the team. I hope he does well here. We're all just a little frustrated right now.

PS. Don't read the forums, it will make you a LOT happier. :wink:

yeh we all mustnt hate on rocky for being traded, it wasnt up 2 him, now its time to welcpme the young qb to the cats. im with open arms and i hope he does well this year.. honestly i hope he beats out maas. lol

welcome aboard rock!!

Very well said. Could not have said any of that better myself.

give him hell rock



[url=http://www.totalrocky.com/multimedia/video/brisk_rocky.mov]http://www.totalrocky.com/multimedia/vi ... _rocky.mov[/url]

Rock, I will not cut you. Welcome anyway! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee from the Mick of ticats.ca


I rest my case :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, Rocky! I hope you lead this pathetic football team out of the doldrums and intofame and good fortune.

Borehamgirl. You're a classy lady for starting this thread.

Go Cats, Go!


I cant wait

Welcome to Hamilton Rocky

Thanks Rocky. He's a Ticat now and that means he has my full support.

Good luck in hamilton Rock, we'll miss ya in Regina.

it aint over til its over Rock :wink:

welcome to hamilton rocky. You'll find that breathing this Hamilton air will cut about oh 5-10 years off your life & believe me because your living here you'll wish it cut more than 5-10 years & dont worry you'll have plenty of time to breath it in since you'll be sitting on the bench. once again what a terrible deal. Im still not over it.

:thup: :thup:

Very impressive 'BG' .... cannot wait for gameday threads .... ticats.ca has always had the best!

Hi 'jlshooter' :lol:

Hi Mikey03 :thup:

Welcome to Hamilton Rocky.

Starting minutes are here for the taking.

I hope you seize this opportunity

and put your apprenticeship years behind you.

If Rocky uses this site as the season progresses he'll think he's died and gone to Backup QB Heaven.

"You mean I don't actually have to DO anything and people will say I'm a starter? ,man, I love this town!"

And when he finds out, if after a couple of bad outings,that he should STILL be a starter because "he didnt get a fair chance" Rocky will take a pay cut to stay here.

Here's the thing to remember about QBs who leave Saskatchewan--they have a habit of having success when they go elsewhere. Tom Clements was in Sask for half a season, then was dealt to Winnipeg , where he had great success after all those good years in Ottawa before he came to the Riders. Then Tom Burgess led the Bombers to a GC victory after the Riders won it the year before. Ever since Lancaster left, we havent had a really successful QB, other than Kent Austin, but even he had to leave the Riders to get another GC. Rocky's problem is not that he is a bad QB, but being behind Joseph and Crandell, he did not get any playing time, and before that there was Nealon Greene, our saviour before Joseph. Butler needs to play in order to get better, and maybe he will have that shot in Hamilton.

Welcome aboard Rocky, you have my support. I no you cant be as bad as Mass was last year so that means more wins. Go get em!!!!!!!!