Welcome to the new site...

Hey ticats.ca memebers... welcome to the new site...

Watch your step and the paint's not all dry yet...

There may be some issues to work out still - as always, if you have issues, email webmaster@ticats.ca

looking good !!!!!!!! :slight_smile:

Well, it gave me long-awaited excuse to change my username here and on cfl.ca to more reflect my "real name." I don't like hiding behind handles.

Goodbye Nooch5, hardly knew ya.

very nice site techies!.....

I sold the "03" to Holmes which is why I'm now driving a 120 thousand dollar Lincoln SUV...........I wish!

have fun!.....over and out!



Change is nice.

ok..I see how this works......these forums are actually off-site.....they are part of the cfl.ca site forums......no wonder my post count is more than one....(well, now 2).....lol

Nice work MRX! www.mrx.ca

I'm good with this!


Nice work guys.
Kept the same name, cause I can only handle so much change at one time.
Donna :slight_smile:

Still here everyone...though I may come in a Subway just for fun once in a while!...lol


Once again, kudos to the techs around here.
I really like the look of the new site.
1 big problem though. You are leaving the atrist formerly known as Mikey03 with many sleepless nights to try for 5,000 posts.
Sorry Mikey.

lol..won't be happening as I'm even stretching my time right now to post......but I had to congratulate the MRX dudes for a job well done!

(no need to apologize though Carpman....just have some good fun on behalf of me and give 'er!....lol)


I like the new site but didn't like the fact that my old user info wasn't recognized. I am glad I was able to keep the same name but wasn't impressed with having to sign up again. But that is my only complaint

Yes the cattmann is back, just changed the number from 34 to 77 to reflect my favourite all-time Tiger-Cat, Grover Covington. The new site looks great.

hello all!, very sharp looking, go cats go 8)

Ho hum. Technically good, yes. Some nice features like expanded stats. Visually weak on both my laptop and the 17 inch CRT. The new front page is fussy and crowded, and I find it hard to focus on any one feature. I'm not impressed with the look of the forums either. Very clean, but the font is small, and hard to read even on a 17" screen.

Not bad. Seems to load faster. But I guess that none of my messages would have been saved and transported over as we had to re-register. Too bad. There were some keepers.

Very interesting. Well, if this site will continue to improve, then I’ll wait for a while before I criticize it. I’m still taking a look around at what we have here, and we’ll see how it looks when the paint does dry. But I am sure that what will happen with this site will be more exciting than watching paint dry. :slight_smile:


I'm not completely happy with the new site.
The site has lost it's character, now it seems very corporate, too many of the web sites look the same. Hamilton, Winnipeg, Calgary, CFL all identical
I tried to use my previous email addres to sign up but it wouldn't let me. It kept giving me an error, I had to use a completely different one
The forums are more difficult to access and everything is too busy. The homepage needs to much looking around to find what you want.
I'm sorry but I really think you missed the mark on this new site

Too generic and busy. The old site had charm.

:) I like what I see. Blackoliver is now catblackgold.