Welcome to the CFL Ottawa!

Ottawa council ended months of bitter debate Monday night by approving the Lansdowne Live project by a strong vote of 15-9, setting the stage for the return of the Canadian Football League to the city.

Thanks, man. I'm sure the next four years will fly right by. :wink:

Actually, while it was neat to see the renegades built, this will be watching a team being LITERALLY built from the ground up. It's pretty exciting on that level.

ya.. can't wait to see the Black and Red back in Action.. called the Rough Riders.. not Renegades..

get that White R back on their helmets!


This is just absolutely huge for the city of Ottawa and all I have to say is...

It's about freakin' time!

Your right CFR, the next couple years will fly by and it will be great to see the Eastern Riders back in the league in 2013.

I cannot help but chime in on this.

It is ridiculous to have a 9 team league in which two of the nine teams have the same name.

Ottawa lost the Rough Riders a long time ago and the name shall never return.

That is my opinion and I know many of you disagree but it makes sense.

I agree, allready the Sports announcers are poking fun at a league with two teams with the same name. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:


who cares what they say or think... they have nothing else better to do..

Can we worry about that part of it when the name is actually, you know, chosen?

Yeah it’ll be 9 teams at first but an expansion team isn’t too far off. I hope. That’ll make it a nice round 10 team league.


I'm glad it passed the approval in principle, but I'm not sure I'm really to celebrate just yet.

Next vote is scheduled for May... which means the ACTUAL vote will probably take place some time in November. OSEG and city staff don't have a heck of a lot of time to comply with the several amendments made by council. That, and the NIMBY movement in the Glebe was really impressive in getting organized and getting exposure in the media, to the point where this plan seemed dead in the water for a few days there. Don't expect them to stop whining until there's a shovel in the ground... if ever!

But besides all that doom and gloom, the vote is really good news!

Congrats to the people of Ottawa. :rockin:

What do you mean dmont or anyone ACTUAL vote? Was this just a preliminary vote that means nothing then? :?

Leave it to Rider fans to pollute a joyous moment like this for other fans. Wait till January you SOB's... :wink:

Man I'm jealous ! Congrats and I can't wait to attend a game there on Canada Day weekend !

I can’t wait to see a Riders vs Riders!

Green vs Black!

S vs R

West vs East!


No, no...There were conditions attached to yesterday's vote and OSEG expects to meet them. They'll review again next spring to confirm that and have a final vote.

At one point yesterday, a motion was submitted and the city manager mentioned that Greenberg had told him which motions were deal-breakers. The manager pointed to that one and it was voted down 18-5. Greenberg did not speak up the rest of the way so he's okay with the other conditions that were added. Jeff Hunt confirmed this on radio this morning.

So what you're saying CRF is that come next spring is these conditions, of which OSEG currently doesn't meet but Roger Greenberg has said we will have proof that we can meet them by next spring in writing, at which time a vote will be taken that the conditions are met and then it's game-on officially?

Congratulation to Ottawa for not permitting tree-huggers and Nimbys decide the fate of the city. This project is great for CFL in Ottawa, but may be even better for the city itself.

A stadium on the river, beautiful. Can`t wait to see Ottawa back in the fold!

EDIT: Also to be sure, is this is final...no more design committees, public hearings, etc...hopefully it is.

WTF, you seem to be happy about something. What's wrong? :?

Forgive me for repeating myself but...

I live 6 hours from Ottawa but I swear... if they bring back the Rough Riders I will buy season tickets every(!!!) year and spend hundreds on merchandise. If they name it something else they will NOT get my suppport.

Bring back the Rough Riders. Nothing else will work or do!!!