Welcome to the all Argo's all of the time forum!

Since nobody seems to want to address the plethora of Argo posts or at least move them to the Argo's page, let's take this to another level.

The Argos are the LEAGUE's biggest problem and the only thing standing in the way of the CFL focusing all its efforts on the more positive goal of a 10th team.

Talking about the Argos' off-field issues is a league relevant topic. Relegating them to the Toronto section amounts to burying our heads in the sand.

As a lifelong Ti-Cats fan who is VERY concerned about the Argos situation (we need that rival to hate) I completely agree Joedavtav. The plight of the Argos has been a very active discussion among Ti-Cats fans on the Ti-Cats chat board precisely because it is a critical issue for the entire league.

If it was one or two articles I would agree but there are some that have no relevance to football, some that are just hate columns, 2 dealing with the Argo Mess. One the Olympics. I have no issue with relevant Argo and CFL stuff, but several postings have no relevance to the CFL or the Argos and still others are totally redundant.

I see that the Olympic post did get moved, now if we could merge the Argo Mess and Anti Argo and Anti Toronto posts into one.

Glad to see that some of the anti Toronto posts were moved to this site. Just want Argo fans to know that my rant was not meant for you, it was meant for those with nothing better to do than to bash Toronto or the Argos. Not that I haven’t been known to bash the Argos but there is a time and a place and everyday is not it.

I wish the NFL would just come out and say no to Toronto.

Let's send them a message, scroll to the bottom of this talk back Toronto article and take the poll

Already done thanks Bay for the info. Looks good so far 64% against.