"Welcome To Our Nightmare!!", Coach Taaffe

You are a great coach but....

Now you know what it's like to be a Ti-Cat fan. I went through this for 4 home games in a row last year. All we did was boo! and then leave just into the third quarter. You've discovered the first problem. Quarterback!

Unfortunately you traded away all our veteran receivers from last year as if it was their fault, along with other veterans. Now you have Chang but you are stuck with rookie receivers. I hope they get better but you could have saved yourself a whole lot of trouble if you just kept the likes of Vaughn, Flick and Yeast. Well we took care of Yeast for you before you got here.

The bottom line is we fired everyone and kept an inept quarterback. Now you are just finding this out for yourself.

You've just witnessed what it's like to be a Home Fan in Hamilton. We don't like it. We sat through this crap all of last year.

Good Luck next game Coach.

Your Pal, CATaLAC

Traded away all our receivers?

Flick, yes.

Ralph: still here.

Vaughn: released.

Morreale: cut.

Yeast released.

Hill: released.

Who else was traded?

Be a little more precise.

Granny from row 3

And she doesn't use stickum, either! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


And she doesnNo need for me to be precise now. I just needed someone who knows all the details to jump in and give us a complete list of what happened to all of our receivers.

It's a great list isn't it? Now we know where they went. We just don't know why.

Was Granny traded, released or cut? Please update!

hmmm Stickum would help out i think

wow we have a theme song.

by alice cooper.

Do great receivers make good quaterback, or do great quarterbacks make great receivers.

Clearly when Chang is in, the team can move the ball. Sure he has made soem rookie mistakes and given up the interceptions in the red zone but at least we all get the feeling he can move the team. As the receivers and Chang get more familiar with each other and the routes and timing this team will improve.

I taped the game and watched it after i knew the final score. I was actually surprised. I thought the team under Chang moved the ball and played as well as Toronto.

Major differences, our defensive halfs need to improve. Shaw, has got to be one of the weakest safeties in the league.

We take too many dumb penalties, and the refs call lots of penalties on the cats that they don't on other teams. Did you see how often the QB was hit late in the Edmtonton BC game, and without penalty.