Welcome to our new Ticat fans!

[For some mysterious reason we seem to be enjoying an influx of new Tiger-Cat fans into these forums recently.]

As information for our new fans and a reminder for our longterm fans:

These forums are for the enjoyment and entertainment of all Tiger-Cat fans everywhere. Tiger-Cat fans include anyone anywhere who cheers for Tiger-Cat players for any reason.

We try to be tolerent of a very wide range of opinions and writing styles, but we don't tolerate personal attacks on our forum members. Also, we will ask posters who are overly negative to take an involuntary holiday from posting for a while, repetitively negative posts become tiring and make these forums less fun.

A few fun facts for our new members:

  • Founded in 1869 the Tiger-Cats are arguably the oldest professional sports team in North America. (Don't listen to our rivals, the Toronto Argonauts, who attempt to make that claim but who were founded as part of the Toronto Argonaut Rowing Club in 1873.)
  • We are the only professional sports team we know who use a hypen in our name. This is the result of the merger of the Hamilton Tigers and the Hamilton Wildcats in 1950.
  • We frequently refer to ourselves in shorthand as simply the Ticats, or Ti-Cats, your choice.
  • We are 16-time Grey Cup Champions, including of course this 2018 season, where we are as yet undefeated.

Again welcome to TigerTown!

Cheers, Bob. (aka Caretaker)

You just jynxed the team :o

Bob two thumbs up ! For all you USA ?? fans Cartaker is our owner Bob Young and he actually posts on our Forum!!!

If we all keep it to talking and writing Football .......
I'm excited for this season .
Positive & competent Coaching staff & a bunch of good young players means good entertainment ...
Excited for this 2018 Season lets get started ....

Its the negative people that have made me lose interest in keeping up with that's going on in here :stuck_out_tongue:

8)Good words of advice Bob.

Some on this forum need to take them to heart !!!

Glad to be here! I’m here by way of JF, that being the case for a lot of folks new here I’m sure.
I’ve always known the CFL existed but didn’t know much about it really.
Grew up in Houston and got to watch Warren Moon and of course knew all about Flutie.
I have been reading up on the CFL recently and what a rich, long tradition of football yall have up there.

The NFL has wained on me as well as others for various reasons. The CFL looks like a more exciting brand of football to me.

Looking forward to watching this summer.

This should also show you how much more fan-friendly the CFL is, when you get a warm welcome from the owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats himself. I doubt Jerry Jones would ever do that.

A bit of history on Bob... he's also the founder of Red Hat Linux - AKA Fedora Linux.

He bought the Tiger-Cats in 2003 to honour his brother - who was a huge Ticat fan. Also, he refuses to call himself the owner, and prefers the term Caretaker.

A big welcome to all US fans .

Love to see the CFL game be exposed to football lovers down south .

Let ESPN know or your cable subscriber know you want CFL football .

Believe it or not they listen to their customers . At least here they do . :wink:

A message worth sticky-ing to the top of this forum, so that's been done. :slight_smile:

And let me further implore our wonderful Canadian membership to be especially welcoming and understanding of new fans who reside in the lovely country to our south - they'll have questions and, yes, some opinions that we've all heard before but are new to them. Time to be our quintessentially tolerant selves. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Hammer (virtually).

The CFL is the only pro league I follow. The reason you ask? I can relate to players who don't make more in one year than I could ever make in a life-time. Simple question - simple answer.

I think you'll enjoy the game. There is a lot of fast paced action, unlike the No Fun League. The talent level is quite high. A lot of American "star" players wash out because they underestimate this.

A fun fact: back in the 1950's the CFL paid their players more, on average than the NFL. Then the NFL got their huge TV contracts and the rest is history.

Interesting story:
I was talking to a great Head Coach a couple of years ago and he said something very similar to: his team was going to win the Grey Cup. When I challenged him on this with the thought that he was tempting the football gods with stating such a bold prediction he did not hesitate in his response.
He insisted that he, his coaching staff, and his players were working much too hard to dis-respect their hard work with false modesty.
He insisted that a big part of his success was to set a big ambitious goal and to align all the tasks necessary to achieve that goal, and to recruit and train all the players and coaches capable of excelling at those tasks, and if everyone executed to the best of their ability success was assured.
So I'm not going to dis-respect the 2018 Tiger-Cats by even implying they are not fully capable of winning the Grey Cup. :slight_smile:

Well said Bob.

I wouldn't expect you too. And I never said or implied you should.
And those 2 quotes where not even the same.
But I'm oldschool superstitious type of a fan and you just announced them as the champions before the season even started ..that's bad ju ju

I have followed this forum since 2017 when Johnny tried to get on with the team. I am Texas A&M Class of 1987 which explains the interest in all things Johnny. I love college and NFL football and have a place in my heart for Johnny as a redemption story. I feel JFF (as we affectionately call him) will win over some Canadians after he has a chance to acclimate, learn the playbook, and bond with the team. Key to his mental health is Bre Tiesi-Manziel. She has done wonders. So keep and eye on that relationship for the next two years. Right now, it is looking pretty good for Hamilton to have a great run regardless if Masoli or JFF are starting. June Jones knows what he is doing....I’ve followed his career for years as well.

I convinced the wife to let us travel to Hamilton on June 29th for the Friday night game. It was a good excuse to get back to your beautiful Country!

Mostly, thank you for the warm welcome!!! We CFL rookies from the good ol’ USA won’t let you down!! :slight_smile:

Ridiculous. And you don’t walk under a ladder. And you don’t let a black cat cross your path. And you don’t and you dont and you don’t!! Do you actually live life?

Welcome. As a transplanted New Yorker, I love Canada and the CFL. Have a great time here.

Welcome to Augustus and Aggie! I've been a long time fan although I've followed the team more closely in the past 10 years. I frequently post on the forums during the season - not so much in the offseason. Recently got a new computer and couldn't remember all the details of my account so had to register again so I may look like a "newbie" poster on here but really I'm not! :smiley:

I hope that you enjoy the Canadian version of gridiron football which has it's own quirks and unique style. For a long time I wouldn't even think about watching American football but I have changed my tune and watch some NCAA - more the bowl games - and NFL. It's interesting to see the differences in the games.

Nothing wrong with setting the bar high. Besides, we all know the jinx was caused by the 2005 logo change. :wink:

Thanks tabbiefan72! Glad to be here!!