Welcome to GC108: Grey Cup trophy arrives in Hamilton

HAMILTON — The Grey Cup has made its way to Hamilton.

On Tuesday morning the coveted trophy arrived in Hamilton ahead of Sunday’s 108th Grey Cup matchup between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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Our Forces deliver the Grey Cup to Hamilton & the RCMP will escort it at the game. In between we trust it to a used car dealer. Why do I see this as funny?

I think you are right on with your sense of humour. I don't understand why we always have to have the military and the RCMP involved - couldn't winners of past Grey Cups be chosen as escorts?

Over these past weeks and months, the CFL site has posted contests, by different companies, for winners to receive Grey Cup tickets with accommodations included. Have these people been announced yet? If so when and who are they?

Isn't the Cup KEPT in Hamilton?

Lol! True that! Back in 1994 I had the trophy literally handed over to me as I was and still am involved with the BC Lion backers fan club. I could've put it in the back of my Mazda pickup truck and had driven off with it! Lol! Unlike the Stanley Cup which has an assigned person guard it 24/7.

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