"Welcome to Fantasy Island!" (August 25th edition)

I'm pleased to report that I was able to purchase an end zone ticket for the August 25th game in Montreal this morning. Unlike last year, the Als ticket representative serving me was on the ball, identified where the Ticat Train Package section was, and was able to get me in the closest location to the Ticat fan section.

FYI: I will be in Section Est 2, Row 7, Seat 13...at least to start LOL. If there is any unused seat among those assigned to the Ticat group, I would be glad to heat up that seat during the contest. :wink:

This also means I will be one of your hosts when you make the trek here. Count me interested to hook up with folks pre-game at one of the fine waterng holes in town.

**Update -- I've indicated I would like to hook up with Jare at his Madhatter Saloon pregame party on Crescent. So I hope to meet a lot of you there! ; **

I may not greet you a la Mr. Rourke, probably more like Wrath of Khan. :wink: LMAO

Revenge is a dish best served at about 78 degrees in August...etc. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,