Welcome to CFL.ca Forums

Welcome :smiley:


Nice forum, about time the league discoverred these outlet, and use phpbb for it, so much better :slight_smile:

Wow this site is about 10 000 times better than the old one.

Much better

Hey, you guys arn't supposed to be on here yet!!

Chris, have you been sniffing glue again?

Anyway, yes, looks great here.

This site is absolutely fantastic…great job :smiley:

Looks good. A big upgrade from the old site.

i miss the huddle...this is a little confusing.

i cant get my password, my email isnt working, but its me Eskimos32001

Nice site! Although it sure stinks that theres no off topic forum. :frowning:

Great start! A nice looking site.

Great site, great to be here.

This site rocks. Most "official" sites for different leagues are never as good as fan developed sites but first with the Ticats and now this site I think that is starting to change. Long live the CFL!

Yikes, I was just getting used to the old site. Looks good! I'll have to teach myself all over again.

Question, My computer goes awfully slow through this site. Is any one else having the same problem, or do I need to put the Gerbils in my computer on Steroids to increase the speed?

This is exactly the same as the Ticats.ca forums... Cats fans will have no problems adjusting to the new venue...

i think its more archaic then it was before

Site looks good but the forums sucks. Get some good fourms like they use on gostampsgo.com , riderfans.com etc. it's better looking and we can avatars etc.

I agree. It need a place for just general non-CFL talk.