Welcome The Tiger-Town Kenton Keith!

I just wanted to start a thread to welcome Kenton to the city and our team.

People have said he is a "trouble maker" and a "cancer in the dressing room". But from what I have come across and judging from the press conference video seen here...


Kenton seems like a real down to earth and positive influence for our team. Not only is he a great player he wants to help turn this team around and most important he wants to be here!

I am really happy Kenton is in Black and Gold and truly believe with our run blocking O-Line we could see Keith running all over the CFL once again.

Let me just say thank you! coach Bellefeuille for being 1 of the reasons we have such a star running back.

So I can say I am a fan of Kenton Keith(aka K²). He will be a great addition in the turn around of this franchise and I am proud to call him a Tiger-Cat!


Press conferences are deceiving...you'd come off as a great person if someone just said "Here is 170k per year to play football"

But I am not going to be the troll of this thread..everyone should be given a chance to change and redeem themselves and I sure am willing to give him a chance.. Welcome to Hamilton I hope you can bring to the team what I believe we have been lacking..namely consistency and positive leadership.


Fans in Hamilton are WAY to busy trying to point or find a players negatives that they often overlook a players positives.

Like everyone has said around here “Our running game is our strength!” well what do you think adding a former West Division’s Most Outstanding Player, 2x West Division All-Star, and 2x 1000 yard rusher does to that already strong rushing attack?

We are getting a player who can be… scratch that… will be a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball.

Heck, Kenton Keith has rushed for more yards in a single season, than Caulley has in his entire pro career(2 years). Also Kenton has more yards in 2 seasons than Lumsden has in his entire pro career(4 years). Now with all that being said I am loving the fact that we have all 3 of those backs mentioned on our team!

If Lumsden can heal up and become healthy again and hopefully stays that way. Then if we can get him to re-sign with us again we could be looking at the most devastating 1,2 punch in the CFL. Even if Lumsden doesn’t return we still have the Keith, Caulley combo which is also a great 1,2 punch.

As for Keith being a “head case” or “trouble maker” I don’t know about you guys, but I’m gonna believe our head coach over these worthless media reporters who will embellish and blow a story out of proportion just to sell more papers.

So if you ask me, this signing is one of the building blocks to building a successful franchise.

Once again, Welcome Kenton and I am glad you are with the Tiger-Cats and not against us. I’m looking forward to seeing you breaking some ankles like this…


and sprinting for endzones like this…


Welcome to Tigertown Mr Keith…
We hope you help be part answer to Grey Cup Puzzle

If we could reduce the "Canadian Content Rule" we could have Keith and Caulley in the backfield at the same time.

With regards to what people have been saying about Kenton Keith's personality off the field, I don't think the Tiger-Cats are in a position to make roster decisions based on someone's personality or off-field behaviour. A team that has won five games in two seasons should be focussed on bring in talent regardless of what people perceive as a bad attitude.

When the team is looking to make it over the hump and compete for the Grey Cup, that is when you can start looking at supplementing the team with players with "good character."

For now, let's just stick to bringing in the best players possible.

  • paul

Welcome to Hamilton, Kenton. I hope you have great success here and help us to become a CFL powerhouse.

8) You're right !!
Remembering Angelo Mosca in his playing days, could hardly be described as an angel regarding his off field activities  !!!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Ya and we could call the league the NFL, or USFL, or Arena league.
Go watch those leagues if that is what you want.
I will attach this to the other 3 threads that you wrote the same comment to be equally repetitious.

HEY BUD! WELCOME ABORD! JUS SO U KNOW IVE BIN WATCHEN U SINCE U LEFT SASK FOR THE COLT(ima huge colts fan) believe it or not i have 36 with ur nam eon it.. lol and i already own a kenton keith jersey with ur number 21 on it! im probly the first!(i had a jason goss jersey#21.. lol took it in n got goss changed to keith) neways! im stoked to watch u play bro! WELCOME!

I agree,

But even if we are looking for players with good character, Kenton Keith would still be a Tiger-Cat in my eyes... He has shown he is a man of his word, turning down a possible roster spot on the Houston Texans because he already had a verbal commitment to sign with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

He may have had off-field problems in the past but he looks focused and determined to make an impact on this team and get the Tiger-Cats back to being a championship contender.

Since the Keith signing, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how deadly our offense could be with Keith and Lumsden in the back field together in say a split back formation and how it would put a lot of stress on opposing defenses. Just the thought of the opposing defense struggling to stop our run attack because they can't zero in on which back will be getting the ball makes me smile. lol

I am really looking forward to watching Kenton and (Hopefully a healthy) Jesse playing together in a 1, 2 punch.

Welcome to the steel city.

Time to get a couple wins

Does anyone know that he has a website.

Here is his website. http://www.kentonkeith.com/

Cant wait to see your energy on the side lines! Good luck and I hope you enjoy Steel Town!

Hey David, Welcome to the forums!

I my self knew about the website before, but some people might not have known about it so thanks for sharing that.

Congratulations to my nephew Kenton. I can sense that the fans on this forum are much friendlier than the ones that welcomed us to the Colts organization. Hamilton, not only do you have a talented player on your team, but a fine young man who loves his family and who's family loves him. Go Tiger-Cats!!! :smiley:

Welcome to the forums!

Now I can tell you for a fact the fans on here are not as friendly as you may think. After a loss(which is most weeks :stuck_out_tongue:) is when the forums get ugly and I would advise any family of players to stay away until the hate dies down.

We are just very passionate about our football in Hamilton but some on here take losses a little too personal. We are all tired of all the losing but some fans are a little extreme in their opinions about this team when we lose.

Welcome to Hamilton Kenton, and thanks to your family for posting.

Yes, the forums can get harsh after a loss or during a poor season (of which we've had too many lately). When you read the negativity and sour grapes that appear here too often, just ignore it and have a great day! We all look forward to Kenton being a big part of turning that around. I hope your family can come to Hamilton sometime and catch a game, watch Kenton play, learn the Oskee Wee-Wee cheer, and see Pigskin Pete and all the things that make football in Hamilton so special. Good things are going to happen for the Ticats soon, and Kenton will help it happen.

Very well said stevehvh,

I am really excited to see how Kenton will do in BC this weekend with only a limited time to learn the playbook. I think he will be fine and I hope he torches the Lions like Jesse did last year in BC. I believe we will be the top running back next season and hopefully he carries us to a playoff birth.

It's going to be a real treat watching him embarrass opposing tacklers for the next 2+ seasons. He alone will put some extra butts in the stands for next season as well as the rest of this season. Kenton is a special player we can build an offense around.

Keith hope your the next Troy Davis , he will be a hard act to follow :cowboy: since you played for coach before best of luck :thup: