Welcome Fans of Rider Alliance (Riderville)

Apparently, the Rider Alliance at Riderville is closing shop in June and the "official" Riders forum will be none other than ... this one!

I really hope that many of the fans of the pay-per-use will migrate to this free forum and make it even more interesting ... but the riff raff can stay home, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

To those that are not already members of this forum and who sign onto this one, welcome and do make your presence known. Tell us a little bit about yourselves and start a thread or two!

just why are they closing it down?

Here's what got circulated to members of the Alliance. It explains the why:

Dear Alliance members,

In 2006 we initiated the Roughrider Alliance. It was established as a Fan Club to carry on the previous great work by our Rider Rep program. The primary objective was ‘to engage and grow the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club fan base and effectively strengthen the relationship between the club and our great fans’. The Alliance was facilitated by committed Zone Captains around the Province of Saskatchewan. One of the benefits of being a member included a special website section offering exclusive features and stories.

In 2006 we had 1800 Alliance members. Today we have less than 500 members and yet our fan base continues to grow exponentially. The reason is simple…the explosion of Social Media. Our official Saskatchewan Roughrider Facebook page has almost 30,000 members. They engage with fellow Rider fans on a daily basis and ‘fan the flames of Rider passion’ all around the world. Fans using Facebook or Twitter continue to have increased interaction with each other, our players, our staff and even our VP of Football Operations and Head Coach Ken Miller. It has become clear that the needs of the fans and the club are being met through this new medium as the content we provide through these outlets is being populated throughout the social media world in over 70 countries.

Prior to the 2009 season, a league-wide mandate was passed to have all CFL teams consolidate their websites, to function under one provider and work as a team in partnership with CFL.ca. The new sites were launched and proved to be beneficial to all teams and their vast array of fans.

In 2010 as the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club celebrates our Centennial we will embrace social media and work hard through our partners to better connect with our fans. Our website, along with our partners at CFL.ca and Zu Communications in Saskatoon, will allow us to be a cutting age organization optimizing and consolidating our Fan Forum, Twitter and Facebook interaction.

As of June 1, 2010 we will replace the Alliance section of our website with a program to engage with our youth. This strategy is the key to our future success as we continue to strive to connect with our younger generation of fans. In addition, the Riderville forum will be open to all fans, have no membership fee, follow the same format as the rest of the CFL teams and be connected through the CFL.ca network.

After great consideration and examination of how we can best connect with our fans as well as deliver news via stories, pictures and videos, we have concluded that this change was imminent.

We thank you for your dedication and support of the Roughriders and have faith that all of you will continue to share your thoughts and views through the new mediums including the re-vamped fan forum, as well as our official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you for your continued support,
Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club Inc.

If all five hundred alliance members start posting here this board will become very busy. Welcome, it should be fun! :slight_smile:

The only problem I have with this forum (and keep in mind, this is where I mainly post, and this is no knock against mods), but it isn't policed enough from fans from other teams coming in here and stirring up crap. And face it, just because we're the Riders, we get it alot. In the CFL forum, fine, but in here it gets boring.

Whereas, it doesn't happen with the same frequency in off-site forums. We can have real discussions without the baloney from other teams idiots.

there is another site called www.riderfans.ca

they are a huge forum site that many Rider fans go to.

...the roughrider forum does have three moderators (jm02, BillySoup and roughyfan), making it the most represented fan base in the forum (I think, the ticats might have three mods too)...I know you weren't slagging the work they do (and others), but they can't be everywhere at all times...unfortunately there are those that stray into team's forums and cause grief for the fan base of those teams, and we'll continue to try to prevent that, we can use your help by flagging posts that you find offensive, its the fastest way for us to notice....

It is a good site for sure, but I wish that the people that posted there would participate in this site as well. It's not like the membership has to be mutually exclusive - one can only participate in one or the other but not both. This is the official site of the cfl and it adds to the positive image of the CFL when its forums are active and interesting and contain high-quality discussion. It is sure that it adds to the positive image of the CFL to have other cfl-related sites but it is a question of degree of impact it has in the minds of visitors and observers.

For cfl-wide discussion topics, I greatly prefer the main cfl forum because it has greater participation from fans of other teams compared to riderfans. There may be exactly the same cfl-wide topic on both sites but it will be 90%+ Rider fan perspective on the riderfans site and a significantly lower proportion on this site (cfl main forum).

And I have found all three to quickly react when someone steps over, and I hold much respect for all three. It's a pretty tough job, it's just the nature of THIS site where all teams intermingle on the same dot-com. Residual issue.

BUT! I am always up for a great fight! :smiley:

Just wanted to correct the address of riderfans. It’s http://www.riderfans.com not .ca

Probably off topic, but...........
personally I'm a real fan of amateur hour.

So, you're saying you actually enjoy watching Bomber games?? :lol:

June 1st has come and gone, is the merger still on?

All we've heard on Riderville is that it has been postponed. I expect it's still going to happen.

Yes, Alliance is still open for business, though postings are way down. I for one have decided to make this my #1 Rider Forum posting site. I log into RiderFans every once in a while as well, but not as much as here. Hope once the merge happens this site picks up.

Me, too. It looks better on the CFL when its forums are active ... welcome longpre11, and BRING IT ON!!! The main advantage that I find of this site over Riderfans (which is a good site, don't get me wrong) is the diversity of views that come from posters of other teams. There are some over there, but it's a small fraction of the total compared to here.