Welcome Bombers Fans - But prepare for the walk of shame

I certainly hope to see Bomber blue in the stands of historic McMahon Stadium for the annual Calgary Stampeder Invitational on Sunday. The weather is looking better all the time; it will be close to 10 C for kickoff!
Projections are for >31,000!
As a Stamp fan, it’s nice to see Winnipeg in this game. You get tired of seeing the same BC, Edmonton, very occasionally Saskatchewan all the time.

You call that "better"?


I call that wimpy California boy weather. Can't you fellows in Calgary even arrange for proper hard core Canadian weather these days? You know, with frost and blizzards and polar bears?


Bombers no longer league pushovers. Ever since I took O’Shea under my wing there’s been marked improvement.

Not saying they’ll stomp the stamps but I think the outcome will follow one of the following 3 scenarios:

  • Calgary win in a tighty (under 8 pts, outcome in doubt til the final minute)

  • Calgary wins going away (2 scores or more, outcome no longer in doubt mid 4th quarter)

  • Winnipeg wins a tighty (under 8 pts, might come down to a 45+ FG from Medlock with time running out

I’d attribute a 33% possibility to each of the above scenarios; thus leaving 1% for a bomber blowout . . . .

We have had our fair share of those lousy weather games too. I’m happily there no matter what, but won’t complain at the warmth. At least no one can use weather as an excuse for a loss

Vegas odds have put number 2 scenario at 99% all others under 1%

I just choked on my coffee. Thanks for the chuckle.

Them be grounds for immediate expulsion from the CFL!


Hopefully they get over 31,000. They are offering 50% off tickets for the cheap seats on Groupon.

Those are the riders selling those
LOL They were so sure!!!

My apologies, the email came from Tickemaster via the Stampeders, not Groupon. Not sure what the Riders have to do with anything but your obsession with them is fascinating.

My guess is that “stampedecity” is the reincarnation of “White Stallion Gallops”.

I’ve only ever seen one poster (under multiple forum names) ever refer to McMahon Stadium as “historic”.
Plus, his over the top praise of all things Stampeders along with his barrage of anti-Roughriders drivel is consistent with the persona of White Stallion Gallops.

Heaven help us all if we have to listen to his crap again. ::slight_smile:

who knew?

Soon it will be over when the stumps fall to the bombers. Out early this year , ready for black bag day Monday morning.

…I thought this forum was generally against the stampeders having black anywhere in their colour scheme…

One area the Stamps have a clear advantage on the bombers is special teams.

Wouldn’t surprise if the Stamps break at least 1 return for 50+, if not to the house!

Return for return comparison - Bombers will be lucky to be within 10 yds of the Stamps return average.

Bomber teams were actually special first 1/2 to 2/3 of season but have gradually regressed to the point where catching the ball and not losing yards is prime imperative.

Blocking systems on bomber returns are incredibly weak now. Breaking up other teams blocking systems not much better.

Big edge to Stamps on this file.

Other slight to moderate advantage = head coach and defensive coach! O’Shea not yet at Dave Dick’s level; Rich Hall hanging in by the skin of his teeth but nowhere near Devon Claybrooks as a DC