Welcome back!

Let’s all give cflisthebest a warm welcome back. He actually did it. I thought for sure you’d slip. …especially after my Eskimos pounded your Roughriders 42-28 at Mosaic. That must’ve hurt. I’m sure you died a little inside. :stuck_out_tongue:

So now that you’ve proven you can go without posting, does this mean you’ll stay the hell out of the Edmonton game topics? :lol:

chief, i like you and all. your a great MOD and you add great things to the forums... but...


More football talk - cheers to cflisthebest. :thup:

Maybe a few. Why do you ask? :lol:

your posts are little more... BOLD then normal tonight.

You mean my emphasizing the score? C'mon, I gotta rub it in. :twisted:

puberty kicking in :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm surprised you can still remember puberty, old timer. :smiley:

oh, I remember her very well :cowboy: 8)