Welcome back to the West

With Montreal & Hamilton the class of the East, looks like the Bombers are competing with the 4th place team in the West to make the playoffs. Ah, the good old days again when the only standings that matter for the Bombers are the West division.

There’s a WHOLE lot of football to be played before we start worrying about that…

lol hamilton has 1 good year in like the last 10 and its what? 9-9? which id say is just average if not worse than avg and hamilton is up there with montreal as the class of the east? LOL duude, u ticat fans maan, ill give u credit, a team could be beating the ticats 55-0 with 2 mins left and u'd still say the cats have a chance. was this post started by rod black or duane forde who make it painfully obvious that whoever hamilton is playing they cheer for hamilton? LOL maan mtl and hamilton as class in the east.. yup lol. ill let u think that. its gonna suck tho when u guys come crashing back to reality when the season actually begins.

So, now that preseason is over, how do you guys thing you stack up againt the Lions for that final East playoff spot?

thank you for the invitation, the adress of that message was not for the bombers it was for the ti cats, it was also clearly misprinted, because you said that they will be competing with 4th in the west? you mean the 4th in the east to miss the playoffs right????

…clearly posted on april fools day…by a fool :lol: :lol: Get up to the present my friend…wait till you see us this fri… :wink:

I am not even going to touch this topic anymore than i am right now!!!

Hamilton is the class of the East!! OK last seasons 9-9 record now makes you the elite, PLEASE!!!

Winnipeg is an underdog and Hamilton is the favorite to Win every time we meet!! I can live with that, but what will the excuses be when the Underdog beats the Favorite!!

Hamilton is favored to finish ahead of Winnipeg in the East!! Again, i can live with being the underdog, reason is if Hamilton finishes ahead of the Bombers in the standings, it was expected, right!!! Cat Fans, Media, TSN idiots will be correct, BUT WHEN the underdog Bombers finish ahead of the Favorite Cats, what will the excuses be!!! Cat Fans will start blaming who or what!!! Must of been the dirty air in Hamilton!!! What will the media`s excuses be (Winnipeg FP included).

But what i am looking forward to the most is TSN excuses, what will Duane Fordes excuse be, he knows nothing anyways, i dont even know why he is with TSN, only 2 TSN anylists have my respect and that is Matt Dunnigan and Milt Stegall, the rest can kiss my a$$!!!! TSN FOOTBALL ANALYSTS, what a joke!!!!! Sorry Forde, you may have been a decent player but you do not belong on TV, Shultz i wont tell you this in person cause your twice my size but you are rarely correct!!!! What skinny announcer that is used to analyzing NHL teams will it be this year!!! Please get someone in there that knows football!!

Yes i have no respect for TSN (Toronto Sports Network), never have and never will!!!

Don't forget about that 9-8-1 season in 04! :o

Oh yeah i forgot about that year, that was a turnaround considering in 2003 Hamilton won 1 game!! What happened in 2005? Please refresh my memory (sarcasm), kind of reminds me of the Cats who were horrible in 2008, went 9-9 in 2009 and this season ????? what was Hamiltons record in 2005, after the 9-8-1 season in 2004? Oh Yeah 5-13!!

So will the Cats stay steady or improve on last seasons 9-9 record or will there be a repeat of 2004 and 2005, you know going from 9-8-1 in 2004 to 5-13 in 2005?

Sorry if it seemed like i was trolling there, because if it does then i certainly didn't mean to (this time anyway). I actually think the bombers improve this year if Pierce stays healthy. And i don't think the bombers will be fighting it out for 4th in the west, i think they'll be fighting it out for second in the east. I would rather see 3 teams from the east in the playoffs as opposed to two.

But as for your theory....
Not sure it's fair to compare those teams. We have 2 players left over from that 2004 roster.
But if you want, the last time the bombers finished 7-11 was 2004, they then rebounded with a 5-13 record in 2005.

However like i said, there's no point in talking about what happened in 04 and 05.

True, just had to humour you a little and i agree that The Bombers have improved, but your reason is if Buck stays healthy, i would like to add that Jyles had an amazing camp and preseason and i believe if called upon he can get the job done and Brink is no pushover either. Our three QB'S are all capable of getting the job done, i am more than comfortable with our backups.

I expect a very competative race in the East with Montreal, Hamilton and Winnipeg pushing each other all season and in my opinion this can come down to a great race for 1ST and 2ND in the East, i may be shooting myself in the foot but MTL will not be as superior as many think and will slip in the win department as well.

The West still looks strong but this is the CFL and an injury to Ray, Printers, Burris or Durant can change things dramatically, i am not saying i hope one gets injured, but it can happen. The question marks in the West are as follows:

  1. Was last season a fluke for Durant? or is he a legitimate starter?
  2. Which Casey Printers will show up this year? the Printers who came back to BC last season and did the job or the Printers that crapped the bed since his 2004 MOP season?
  3. Are Ricky Ray and Henry Burris still the 2 top QB'S in the league or are they due for a decline in play?

It is still too early to tell or make any predictions, but we will see very soon!!

I see where your coming from, but Buck has shown that when healthy he can get the W on any given night, against any team. While Jyles and Brink are two talented guys. You can't be too sure of what they can do when starting on a regular basis throughout the season. Not saying they can't be successful, just saying we don't know if they can or not. But i guess this applies to most teams because the only teams with a real veteran back-up are Edmonton and B.C.

The Cats seem to have a habit of celebrating a decent season with about a 2 year freakout of horrible ball....

The Bombers are harder to gauge, for as an organization, they've changed personalities more often than Sybil in the last five years.

The Ticats followed up their INCREDIBLE 9 8 1 season in 2004 with 5-15, 4-14 and two magical 3-15 seasons in 07 and 08 ! Since 2001 the Ticats are 43 - 103 - 1 ! 60 games under 500 ! The way some ticat trolls come on here, you would think they were 15 -3 and won the Grey cup last year ! You were 9 -9 and made the playoffs by 1 game and lost your playoff game to a very average BC team ! I wouldn't put the paper bags away yet !

Kasps!!! Finally! Where have you been??

Uh, you've obviously never been to a game at Ivor Wynne when the Cats are down 55-10 have you??

However, I do agree that it's premature to call Hamilton the class of the East. Until someone knocks Montreal off its perch, they are the only beasts of the East and the rest of us are pretenders.

BTW, what makes you think the original poster is a ticat fan... the original title is 'welcome back to the west'... why would ticat fans welcome the Bombers to the west... makes no sense to me

Semi seclusion in Northern Quebec !

Welcome back to the west??

I was sure he was referring to the return of the Ottawa Roughriders, because starting in 2013, by the grace of God that is, Bombers will be back in the West. just sayin

Ah well…at least you’re back in time for the season opener…

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