Welcome Back to Earth

This is just getting funny. Ottawa, Hamilton are being welcomed back to earth this week in fashion. Do you think the Argos can reach 61 today? :lol:
One thing I'm ticked about is the artificial noise penalty. Finally an official calling it, but the team that has been guilty of doing it for years at Ivor Wynn. Hamilton, got the advantage this time. But I don't care we are showing that we are by far in a way a better team then what we played last Monday. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSS!!

nothing like taking a win with class

When your leading 48-0 with 2 minutes to go, and watch Ottawa lose 61-27 on Friday, and after hearing people say things like Hamilton is back in the playoff race, and Ottawa fans saying that their D is one of the top 2 in the league, and that they'll be representing the East in Vancouver in November you can't help but taunt them after a week like this....come on man, your Als fan, you should be somewhat happy to see Ottawa hitting the skids.

I have news for you my friend.
Mathematically, Hamilton can still finish in first with Toronto out of the playoffs. No it wont happen, but it can. The point is that saying that Hamilton is back in the playoffs was not an outrageous statement. Sure I was happy that Ottawa lost but you did not see me making any remarks about it. Why? Because no matter how good it feels to rub someones face in it. It feels 10 times worst if it comes back to bite you.

...so true!

Who knows? You could be right?

MONTREAL/OTTAWA, could also be fighting for a play off spot with, HAMILTON.

I am happy for SEAN MILLINGTON , who scored a TD.

I am happy for BISHOP, who looked good on I drive.

I am happy for A. SMITH , who tied the ARGO career TD intecption return record.

I think that the ARGOS pulled a , B.C. vs. OTTAWA , today.

B.C. scored more points , but we had less points scored against us.They have beaten us 2 times.

I can't wait for a TORONTO vs. B.C. game , again.It should be a classic.

hellothere, I can't wait either. See you in the Grey Cup.

I have to admit , if that happens [you still have to get there and so do we]…you will have most of the Advantages. A better team , so far this year , home field , the BIG revenage factor…HELP…We could have happen to us , what happened to HAMILTON , today.

But we have only lost to you guys 2 times by a total of 16 points…so you never know…It is the GREY CUP after, all. :wink: :smiley:

32, 000.............. at the R.C.............Will the T.V. ratings pass the 1+ million mark this time, like the last time.? :arrow:

The first time that the ARGOS have SHUT OUT, a team since , 1979. :smiley:

They shut out HAMILTON........25 to 0.....in...... 1979. :smiley:

Thanks for the game ti-cats.
I know your a better team than that.
You showed it last week.
The next game should be alot closer.

hellothere, the dome field advantage would be huge, but it would be a great rematch. Of course, both of us still have to get there, but if we win our respective divisions, than we only have to win 1 home playoff game to get there. I would love to see Argos/Lions Grey Cup 2005 at BC Place. Let the fireworks begin!

Oh, by the way, over 52,000 seats sold to the Grey Cup so far.

WELL DONE............ B.C. fans :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: ........some of the BEST , GREY CUPS have been played there.

For us , 1983........our first win in , 31 years.Very close game :smiley:

1994.........LOU........LOU.........vs........ BALTIMORE...........unbelievible game. :shock: :smiley:

I was at 2000 GREY CUP game , in CALGARY.....you guys won that great game with ALLEN...... at Q.B. for....... B.C. :smiley:

Man oh man. . .Toronto looked amazing tonight in my humble opinion. They keep playing like that and who knows. . .another cup run looks to be in the works - could be easily another Toronto/BC matchup in the finals. Congrats to the Argos.

THANKS.......but there is a long way to go , but thanks for writing that.

It's Amazing What A Difference A Week Makes, Even Though The Argos Have A Really Good Pass Offence And One Of The Best Secondaries In The League They Rarely Dominate Games As Much As They Did This Weekend. With The Teams That Still Have A Very Serious Grey Cup Shot Homefield With Play An Extremely Important Role. Don't Expect Any Team To Beable To Beat Montreal Or BC At Home. For All Of You Who Were Trashing Dome Stadiums At The Begining Of The Season I'd Like You To Go Into BC Place Or Olympic Stadium With A Decibel Reader. Montreal And BC Will Not Lose Any Home Playoff Games, Correct Me If I'm Wrong But Since Moving To Molson Stadium Montreal Hasn't Lost A Game Inside The Big O Except The East Final Last Year.

It's nice to see all that potential we have welled up do something

How do you not score even 1 point in a football game? That was a brutal effort and total collapse after 2 inspiring wins. Shouldn't happen and yes even the coach has to take some lumps for the preparation.

That's Why It's Such A Big Deal That The Ti-Cats Got Shut Out Cause There Isn't Any Other Sport Where It's As Rare To Have A Shut Out As It Is In The CFL................... Well Maybe Basketball.