Welcome back T-Jack

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Tristan Jackson & Kevin Regimbald Sign Extensions

he Riders also announced they have agreed to trade the rights of national kicker John Mark to the Ottawa Redblacks in exchange for a conditional 2016 CFL Draft pick.
...Not a huge shock after picking up Hugh O'Neill

Johnny Mark. At least we got something. I guess the kid wanted to play hardball and wait out the FA deadline. I doubt the conditional coming back amounts to much unless Mark becomes a regular..........if so hopefully we get 2nd or 3rd for him but I highly doubt it.

Hugh O'Neill I don't see as much of a pickup................I just hope the Amercian can punt like a demon and do a big kickoff.

Tristand back I like. He is aggressive......one of our younger core DB's at 28. Return specialiast.

Regimbald I like too. Good Cdn depth and as the injuries mounted.........National injuriries..............when he went down it further hurt of special teams/

good to see Tristen re-signed, always like that kid.

He has been simply stellar since we brought him back and you could not ask for a better attitude. His first stint with the Riders was shaky but he has drastically improved since then. I'd say he has the most heart but then I see T-Brack getting ran over by a linesman (which still cracks me up). Close call.