Welcome Back Ottawa!!

I'm looking forward to the return of Ottawa to the CFL family and their first home game at TD Stadium in Ottawa this week against the Argo's should be great to see, the first of many home games in the new stadium and the newly designed ownership group in that area, team and fans.

It will be great to attend a future game in our Nations Capital and what a great location in the old Landsdown Park area and new community being developed.

Welcome Back Ottawa and the Redblacks!!


Looking forward to it as well. Ottawa has such a rich football tradition. (although not in my life time). Hopefully this is a start of a totally revival of the "big four"

The Ottawa Sun is advertising a 36-page pull out in tomorrow paper. I think I shall plunk down 50 cents for that. :rockin:

Only 50 cents - wow!!

Here's hoping this time it's for good. All you Ottawa fans need to keep supporting your team even after the novelty wears off. Success in Ottawa could very well pave the way for a much needed 10th team for the league. Good Luck and I'm looking forward to watching football being played in your new stadium.

So pumped Ottawa is back! Winterpeg goes back to the west were it belongs is almost as nice as getting a team in the nations capital again.

seems like all the griping over the name has completely disappeared.

Not a fan of how the OSEG proposal was handled, or frankly the stupid/petty Glebite lawsuits, but I am happy for all Rouge et Noir fans and wish them a wonderful time Friday night.

TSN/SportsCenter did a nice story on football in Ottawa. Unfortunately, I can't load it on their website for a 2nd viewing. :frowning:

Fixed that for you. :wink:


Do you doubt the owners? After everything that has been poured into the stadium and team, I can't imagine them ever walking away. Do you know something we don't?

No, not at all. The original context of the comment I quoted made it sound as though fans caused the team to fail in the past. I'm not a believer in that (in any business) so I changed it to be more specific to the PAST owners not being committed. In other words, hope these guys are committed because the previous bunches weren't. But I have no reason to doubt that they are.

The current team is gold to me (for what that's worth). They are everything that people used to say Ottawa ever needed, just 20 years later.

Well said and I agree.

I have been reading your posts for YEARS and you have been one of the original true supporters of this team. I am happy you got your/our team back. Congrats!

Thank you much. I do appreciate that because there was a time there when the ownership group really needed support and it seemed hard to come by. Then when the whole plan was finally approved after several years, suddenly all these new fans are coming out of the woodwork.

I admit that I found that very irritating, even though I knew it was wrong for me to feel that way. OSEG needed to create new fans, but I wish a few of the people who now talk about how they bleed red and black had pitched in when the result was in doubt. So I do appreciate the recognition, truly. :wink:

That's always the way.

No worries. I am a million miles away and always prayed for the return of the "Rough Riders". At times, I would lose hope, come to this site, read your posts and feel good again. Your posts made me believe.

As for the bandwagon group, try not to resent them. The team needs them. Let's just hope they stay on that bandwagon, thru both the good and bad.

Here's to the return of the "Rough Riders", my friend. It has been a long time coming.

Hopefully fans don't resent me using the name, "Rough Riders". I like the name "Red Blacks" but they will always be the "Rough Riders" to me.

Absolutely no dig against the Argos here, I would say the same for any team playing them tonight...I hope for a nail biter, but it would be awesome to see the R-Bs get their first win at home in a walk-off FG.

I will just refer to them as arby's :slight_smile:

Win, lose or draw, I just want it to be definitive. No "questionable calls" in the dying seconds that determine the outcome either way. I don't want the first win tainted or to feel like I got screwed.

THAT is a bigger wish than hoping for an opening night win. But it would be ideal.

Agreed. Like Expos fans, RR fans got ground down and pushed away.

The only potential scenario I see OSEG walking away is if the attendance dives over years 3-4-5-6. Potentially they could sell their interest in the shopping centre/condo development and fold the OSEG legal entity. But then a fan might go to the Staes, buy a Powerball ticket and win enough to buy them out (LOL).